“Suspicious Deaths in Zegelsem: Details and Investigation Updates”

2023-04-24 05:26:09

The woman’s body was discovered around 5:15 p.m. in a street in Zegelsem, in front of her home. Firefighters were called and set up a tent to conceal the body. The man, who is probably the husband of the first victim, was discovered shortly after, not far away. The deaths are considered suspicious, but the investigation is still ongoing into the exact circumstances.

According to information from Het Laatste Nieuws, the woman was stabbed by her husband after an argument, before the latter committed suicide further. Everything would therefore indicate a family drama.

Mayor Stefaan Devleeschouwer offered his condolences to the couple’s relatives whom he knew personally. His town is in shock, he said. “The true circumstances are still under investigation. I knew the couple, they were hard workers. »

A neighbor who knew the couple very well explained to our colleagues at HLN: “They looked like a model couple… I really can’t imagine that they would hurt each other. »

The prosecution will provide more information about the tragedy on Monday.

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