Doctor’s murder; ‘I don’t know about crime’; Defendant’s wife seeks anticipatory bail Shaba Sherif Murder | Anticipatory Bail

Kochi: The wife of Shaibin Ashraf, who was arrested in connection with the murder of Shaba Sharif, a traditional healer from Mysore, has filed an anticipatory bail application in the high court. Shaib’s wife Fazna said in the petition that she was cooperating with the investigation and did not know about the crime. Former ASI Sundaran, who is accused of helping Shaib, has also applied for anticipatory bail. The High Court sought the government’s position on the anticipatory bail application of the two. The bail application was adjourned for a week by the court for reconsideration.

Shaibin Ashraf is the main accused in the case of Shaba Sharif, a traditional healer from Mysore, who was killed and thrown into a river to get a secret. Shaba Sharif was killed after being held in custody for more than a year.

English Summary : Shaba Sherif murder : Shybin Ashraf’s wife seeks anticipatory bail for her husband

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