The last of them are Conte and Tokhil.. The most famous chokeholds of coaches in European stadiums, “video”

It wasn’t the strong fight that broke out between coach Thomas Tuchel Chelsea With Tottenham Hotspur coach Antonio Conte, it is the first of its kind, after the whistle erupted after the referee’s whistle for the two teams’ match, which ended in a 2-2 draw, at Stamford Bridge, in the second round of the English Premier League.

And the English newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that the English Football Association commissioned the competitions management to open an investigation into the crisis that took place between Tuchel and Conte to determine the penalties that can be imposed in accordance with the regulations.

The quarrel began after the end of the meeting, after Conte and Tuchel shook hands, and the atmosphere between the two parties on the field became tense before the members of the two teams intervened to separate them.

The referee of the match declared the red card in the face of the two parties after the end of the quarrel.

The tension had begun between Conte and Tuchel after Pierre-Emile Houberg scored Tottenham’s first goal, in the 68th minute, and the referee of the match at that time declared the yellow card for both parties.

In the following report, we review the most prominent coaches’ fights in European stadiums

Mancini and Moyes

In one of the English Premier League matches, former Manchester City coach Mancini clashed with Scottish coach David Moyes, Everton at the time, because of what he saw as the first disruption to play after returning the ball to the field, and the referee of the match was only to ask Mancini and Moyes to leave the field.

Wenger and Mourinho

Frenchman Arsene Wenger, when he was coach of Arsenal, headed towards Jose Mourinho, Chelsea coach at the time, in the match that ended with the Blues winning 2-0.

Mancini and Ferguson

Mancini appeared again during his leadership of Manchester City in a scene outside the limits of football competition, in front of the arch-rival Manchester United and his famous coach Sir Alex Ferguson, and Mancini headed towards Ferguson to enter the Italian and Scottish coaches in a verbal exchange, and Mancini indicated to him that he spoke a lot, and this means his impact on Rulers through objections


Conte and Mourinho

In 2018, when Mourinho was coach of Manchester United, a quarrel broke out between him and Chelsea coach Antonio Conte. The quarrel first began in the conference hall and then spread to the green rectangle. The story began when a journalist asked Mourinho, Are you happy at United? Portugal’s Laird, do I have to appear like a clown on the line to prove it?

He added, “I do not act like a clown on the side line of the stadium like other coaches, this does not mean that I have lost my passion for football.”

On the other hand, a journalist asked Conte, what is your response to what Mourinho said about the clowns on the line? The Chelsea boss responded forcefully, saying, “Maybe he was talking about himself in the past, people sometimes forget what they did in the past.”

Mourinho also made fun of Conte’s hair because of the hair transplant performed by the Italian coach.

When the two parties met, there was a meeting on the line of contact, and the duo wrestled on the line of contact, and the fourth referee intervened to separate them.

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