Daring Man Hangs on Flagpole During Storm: Shocking Video Goes Viral

2023-11-03 12:30:00

Crazy, there is no other word. Last night, while storm Ciaran was raging in our country, Habib, a young 20-year-old tiktoker, was amazed when he looked up at the sky. A man was in fact hanging on the flagpole at the top of the Walburgatoren, at… 88 meters high!

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“At first there seemed to be someone walking around up there, which made me think it was a worker. But then he suddenly started doing these crazy stunts and I started filming him. I also started to get stressed: the pole he was holding on to could fly away. Imagine if he had fallen to the ground and I had filmed him…”, explains the Belgian to our Flemish colleagues from NB.

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The police are now looking for the perpetrator. As indicated by HLN, this risks a fine of up to 500 euros and even prison sentences of up to 5 years due to the signs of break-ins committed to get there.

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