Resolving the Conflict in Ukraine: The Role of Pope Francis and Peace Negotiations

2023-08-26 11:19:02 The time will soon come to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and Pope Francis could play a key role in the possible resumption of peace negotiations. stated in an interview with the newspaper il Messaggero, Hungarian President Katalin Nowak. Novak, according to the newspaper, visited Rome after a trip to Kyiv, where she … Read more

Global Current Affairs: United States and Europe plan joint action against China, Zelensky rejects Pope’s proposal, Honduran free trade agreement, and more!

2023-05-14 03:02:34 global current affairs 4Ct8BMcH6r9articleDo you want to start again?British media revealed that the United States and Europe plan to take joint action against China in areas such as export 4Ct6MyasTlVarticleRussian media: Zelensky rejects Pope Francis’ proposal to mediate between Russia and Ukraine, insisting that peace talks must be made on Ukrainian … Read more

After entering the hospital .. What did the Vatican reveal about Pope Francis’ health condition?

The Vatican announced that the 86-year-old Pope Francis, who was hospitalized on Wednesday for pre-scheduled examinations, has a respiratory infection that requires him to stay in hospital for “a few days.” The media director of the Holy See, Matteo Bruni, said in a statement that the tests “revealed a respiratory infection (not a Covid-19 infection) … Read more

the retiree must repay an energy bonus of €4,500… because of an incorrectly installed heat pump

With his wife, Francis, a French retiree, decided to equip his pavilion with a heat pump when his gas boiler broke down in October 2021. He contacted a Lille company which had already intervened in the district . The bill amounts to nearly 17,000 euros, including 14,700 euros in subsidies, write our colleagues from La … Read more

Glory to God and peace on earth.. The Pope of the Vatican embraces the Sheikh of Al-Azhar.. Video and photos

In a situation that indicates friendship, respect and affection between the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and His Holiness Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican. A wheelchair, where the Pope began saluting the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, where he met his eminence by rising from his place and heading to the Pope … Read more

What the Pope did is a lesson in humility for every Christian believer

The Pastor of Saint Maron Diocese in Canada, Archbishop Paul Marouane Tabet, confirmed that the apology of His Holiness Pope Francis to the indigenous people of Canada is a lesson in humility for every Christian believer. Commenting on the visit, he said: Apology means asking for forgiveness, and asking for forgiveness means tolerance, and tolerance … Read more

Continuing preparations for the visit of Pope Francis on June 12 and 13.. Vatican contacts to meet the Patriarch of Moscow in Jerusalem

Preparations continue for Pope Francis’ visit to Lebanon on June 12 and 13. It was reported that President Nabih Berri sent a message from the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Paul Richard Gallagher, about the visit, while reported that the Vatican is studying the possibility of a meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch of Moscow … Read more

Vatican responds to the Presidency of the Republic: Pope Francis’ visit to Lebanon is not yet confirmed

The director of the official website of the Vatican, Matteo Bruni, responded to the tweet of the official page of the Presidency of the Republic, saying: “The visit is a hypothesis under study,” noting that “President Michel Aoun announced the news via a tweet on (Twitter), while the Vatican did not take any decision. official … Read more