They contained the outbreak in San Lorenzo and the outbreak in the Tulumba area persists

2023-11-19 00:12:56 This Saturday a Forest fire in San Pedro Norte, a town north of Córdoba that belongs to the jurisdiction of Tulumba. In addition, another forest fire broke out this afternoon, in the town of San Lorenzo, which was contained as the hours passed. In the northern province, volunteer firefighters from the area are … Read more

Firefighters contained the outbreak in Tulumba

2023-10-15 21:43:26 The Córdoba Risk Management Secretariat reported that there are two active outbreaks in the territory. One of them is located in Bola Loma, jurisdiction of La Paz and the other in Embalse, near La Cruz. In Paraje Santa Cruz, jurisdiction of Tulumba, volunteer firefighters, Etac personnel and a hydrant plane were working. The … Read more

Top 10 Eco-Driving Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption by up to 25%

2023-10-10 07:45:29 Eco-driving: here are ten tips from an expert to reduce your fuel consumption by up to 25% By Yannick Hallet “Eco-driving does not mean dragging yourself on the road. By respecting the speed limits, you can arrive at the same time as someone driving faster without worrying about traffic,” explains David Miceli, trainer … Read more

Introducing the Aerotent, a tent that inflates itself in minutes

2023-08-13 09:57:14 Here is Aerotent from Aerogogo, a tent that is likely to greatly simplify camping. Thanks to its structure in inflatable tubes, it can be assembled in just a few minutes thanks to the rechargeable pump provided. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] From Volta to Graphene: The Evolution of Batteries The most … Read more

How to Save 10% of Your Fuel with Co-Driving: Learn Eco-Driving Techniques for Efficient Fuel Consumption

2023-08-01 08:02:59 co-driving: here’s how to save 10% of your fuel By Yannick Hallet Since the rise in fuel prices, the Vias Institute has organized twice as many eco-driving training sessions. We tested the formula, resulting in an effective reduction in consumption. “Take advantage of the descent and the inertia of the vehicle to stay … Read more

Unaffordable Pump Prices: Beware of Debit Errors and Delayed Reimbursements at Gas Stations!

2023-07-20 09:42:00 The facts took place last year. While she put fuel for twenty euros in her vehicle, Natjana was debited from… 377 euros! “The prices at the pump are becoming unaffordable, but apparently the stations and the banks deem it necessary, when you fill up for 20 euros, to debit 377 euros from your … Read more