SISFOH: Complete Guide to Socioeconomic Classification and Access to Social Programs in Peru

2024-04-20 04:32:47 In the following note you can consult all the socioeconomic information of Peruvian households that is regulated under the intersectoral and intergovernmental system created almost 20 years ago with the purpose of providing for the various social programs promoted by the Government. Annually, the Household Targeting System (SISFOH) carries out exhaustive work based … Read more

Price of the basic basket soars 45% in this six-year term

He precio from basic basket of foods It is increasingly more expensive and already reports a cumulative increase of more than 45% during this period. sexenniumrevealed the National Council for the Evaluation of the Policy of Development Social (Coneval). He reported that in December 2018, just at the beginning of the current six-year period, the … Read more

Council of Europe criticizes the lack of poverty reduction in Germany 2024-03-19 09:03:08

DAccording to the Council of Europe, Germany must do significantly more to combat poverty, housing shortages and the exclusion of disabled people. The high level of poverty and social disadvantage in Germany is disproportionate to the country’s wealth, according to a report by the Council of Europe that will be published in Strasbourg on Tuesday. … Read more

Video | This is what it’s like to live on the streets in Europe |

Although access to housing is a fundamental right, it is not always guaranteed. The real estate crisis and homelessness are problems that already affect almost a million people throughout Europe. In 2021, EU governments signed a declaration committing to work so that not a single person is still living on the streets in 2030. In … Read more

Abbot Pierre, come back!

When we are at the heart of humanity, when it is only about the essential, is it possible to order priorities? Is it even just decent? Health, food, housing, civil peace… everything is burning. With this characteristic specific to housing that its failure causes death. In France today, not having a roof over your head … Read more

Dezső Straub’s dramatic confession: My daily lunch was a grilled chicken leg and two slices of bread

It was years ago in 2016 that Dezső Straub performed on the Vidám stage, then invited a fan, Mónika, to dinner after the performance. The dinner invitation turned into love, but the relationship ended in 2022. The 71-year-old actor said the following about the breakup: “unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a relationship runs out of … Read more

The bitter reality of many single parents: Christmas without a tree and presents in a cold apartment | Association of Feminist Single Parents

2023-12-19 07:05:06 This is what the celebration looks like for many children of single parents: they have to freeze because their mothers can no longer afford to heat them. Vienna (OTS) – While the government is satisfied with itself by assuming that it has done enough for single parents with the 60 euro inflation compensation, … Read more

Concert with the Poor: Francis’ Message of Working Together

2023-12-17 03:39:34 The shift from working for the poor to working with the poor is an important step. Francis addressed these words of praise this Friday afternoon to the participants in the Concert for the Poor, which will be performed this Friday afternoon in the Vatican. Mario Galgano – Vatikanstadt Francis told the guests in … Read more