Today’s covids, Chonburi, infected with 203 new cases. Accelerate control of clusters in the area.

Covid-19 situation, Chonburi, found 203 new “Covid-19” cases, rushing to control various clusters and strictly comply with disease prevention standards situation COVID-19 AreaChonburi Today (November … Read more

Today’s covids, Chonburi, 179 more infected, 1 death.

Covid-19 situation, Chonburi province found 179 new “Covid-19” cases, 1 death – Strict measures to prevent disease situation COVID-19 AreaChonburi Today (8 Nov. 19) there … Read more

Covid today, Chonburi province. 280 more infected, 2 deaths.

COVID-19 situation, Chonburi province found 280 new cases, 2 deaths, still monitoring clusters in the area COVID-19 situation, Chonburi province, today (4 November 64) reported … Read more