“Mr. Theera” points out that “COVID-19” Omicron is more likely to get sick than other strains.

On November 14, 2022 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thira Worathanarat or “Doctor Thira“Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook post “Thira Woratanarat“ to the point”COVID-19“Specified that yesterday around the world there were 204,102 more people, 343 more deaths, a total of 640,312,572 people, 6,615,340 total deaths. The top 5 most infected are: Japan South Korea France Taiwan … Read more

The tragedy of “the most unlucky pitcher” in 12 teams If you lose 2 goals, you can’t win anymore … 10 losses of bitterness | Full-Count

Expectations as an immediate force…Seibu Drama 1, Sumida, who ended this season with 1 win and 10 losses Seibu draft 1st place rookie pitcher Tomichiro Sumida has finished his first year of trials. The ready-to-play left-hander, who competed with 4 teams at last year’s draft meeting, pitched in 16 games, with 1 win and 10 … Read more

Rover Perseverance detected organic matter in soil samples taken from Jezero Crater on Mars

In the midst of its second scientific campaign on Mars, the Rover Perseverance He has detected organic material in new soil samples taken from Jezero Crater that are being investigated for primitive microbes, NASA scientists announced in a statement. “We found sandstone that carries grains and rock fragments created far from Jezero Crater, and a shale … Read more

The big 3 stocks in the electronics parts group are bright, ignoring negative factors – affecting short-term profits.

Share prices of 3 major electronic components manufacturers are still green. Although some of them reported their Q2 profits declined, Delta Electronics’ shares jumped immediately after profits of 4,263 million baht, an increase of 157.6% because gross profits jumped and revenue growth in all product groups was high. Plus, the 3rd quarter was high. Season … Read more

Corona and Co.: Thuringian researchers are developing a quick test for 21 different antibodies

people react differently on the corona vaccination, not everyone has the same immune response. And weaker immune responses are associated with a higher risk of vaccine breakthrough. Therefore, the need for rapid antibody tests is increasing. Researchers from a private-public cooperation from Jena have now completed a new test platform. This platform can only determine … Read more

“Australia” finds vaccine, patch, fight “Covid-19” better than injection

faculty research from the University of Queensland or University of Queensland of “Australia“Confident that the vaccine prevents new strains of coronavirus, COVID-19”patch“The new one will be effective against the virus. mutant newer strains than traditional syringe vaccines A study in rats published in the journal vaccine (Vaccine) on Thursday, July 28, said it has found … Read more