This is Ada Bíró, the new artificial intelligence host of public television

“Everything you see and hear was put together by a computer, with minimal human help,” was the first coherent sentence of Ada Bíró, M1’s new artificial intelligence (AI) newsreader, in front of the public, of course after greeting the viewers. Ada was created using several language and video models together, but its exact operation is … Read more

Worms were falling out of the hand luggage compartment – 2024-02-20 18:22:33

Peloponnese Newsroom A terrifying and disgusting incident occurred on a Delta flight when maggots started falling from the luggage compartment onto the passengers. A passenger on the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit reportedly had rotten fish on board. He placed them in the space above the seats, but the package opened and the worms began … Read more

Shinya Matsuyama: Highest Strikeout Rate Among Relief Pitchers in the Central League

2023-09-30 03:46:58 The strikeout rate of 13.23 is the highest among 12 teams among relief pitchers. Shinya Matsuyama, a right-handed pitcher from Chunichi who was trained, is unstoppable. In the game against Hiroshima (Mazda Stadium) on the 29th, he pitched well, striking out three batters in a row. Combined with the game against DeNA (Yokohama) … Read more

Get Ready for the 2023-2024 NFL Season: Follow the Road to Super Bowl LVIII!

2023-08-31 21:34:00 With preseason games over, all 32 teams are ready to begin their climb to the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. – + The 2023-2024 NFL season is about to start with the 32 franchises starting the fight to reach Super Bowl LVIII. In addition to living the emotion throughout the matches, you can get … Read more

Uperfect UStation Delta review: A portable monitor with two 15.6-inch screens to expand workspace

2023-08-20 23:09:00 At first glance, the Uperfect UStation Delta is a great addition to the digital workplace. Equipped with two 15.6-inch screens, it is perfectly suited for multitasking. Whether reading long texts, working with large spreadsheets, or browsing the Internet, the ability to not have to constantly rearrange windows on the screen is a tremendous … Read more