The brutal homicide of Dante Emiliano, a 12-year-old boy in Tabasco: “I do not need to die”

“I am out of breath,” Dante Emiliano, a 12-year-old boy, cried desperately whereas mendacity on the bottom. He had simply been shot 3 times within the stomach on the door of his grandmother’s home in Paraíso (Tabasco). “I do not need to die,” he pleaded. An atrocious sob that has moved Mexico, concerned in a … Read more

A man decapitates his father in Asturias and throws his head against a car | Spain

A 46-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly murdering and beheading his septuagenarian father in the Asturian council of Ribera de Arriba, very close to Oviedo. The alleged murderer acted on Monday night around the family home and later, according to witnesses and members of the Civil Guard, he took his father’s head to a … Read more

Iulian Odriste, the double murderer who set fire to Catalan prisons | News from Catalonia

Concentration of officials in front of the Quatre Camins prison (Barcelona), on the third day of protests over the murder in prison of a cook at the hands of an inmate.Maximilian Minocri April 24, 2016. Around 1:30 a.m. In a private home in Valls (Tarragona). Iulian Odriste, a 41-year-old construction employee, picks up a kitchen … Read more

The popular jury finds two men guilty of murder for a fatal hit-and-run in Malaga | Spain

The popular jury has found the two accused guilty of running over two young people by ramming their car into the motorcycle on which the victims were traveling. It has done so unanimously, after a trial held in the Provincial Court of Malaga that lasted two weeks, in which numerous witnesses, police officers and experts … Read more

Almost 5,000 prisoners are confined to their cells in Catalonia due to the protest of officials | News from Catalonia

The blockade that prison officials have maintained since early this Friday on access to penitentiary centers in Catalonia is beginning to have serious consequences. The protests have prevented the change of shift and, with staff at minimum levels, the nine centers in Catalonia have seen normality altered. Six of them have been forced to confine … Read more

A prisoner kills the cook at Mas d’Enric prison and commits suicide | News from Catalonia

Penitentiary center Mas d’Enric, in Tarragona.Josep Lluís Sellart An inmate at the Mas d’Enric prison (Tarragona) fatally stabbed the center’s cook on Wednesday afternoon and then committed suicide, as various prison sources have explained to this newspaper. The events occurred around 5:00 p.m. The victim is Nuria L., a middle-aged woman who worked for the … Read more

Fernando Medina: El Tiburón, the man who attacked a Subway employee in San Luis Potosí, was shot to death

Fernando Medina, alias El Tiburón, who became known in 2023 for beating up the employee of a fast food restaurant in San Luis Potosí, was shot to death this Monday in this same town. Known as the “Subway shooter,” the man has been shot outside his martial arts gym, according to local media. The victim … Read more