Win 1×2 tickets for “FURCHTBläsen” at the Theater Nestroyhof/Hamakom

2023-12-04 06:00:00 During the Christmas season, the Theater Nestroyhof/Hamakom traditionally becomes Sam’s Bar. This year, it will feature the production “FURCHTBlasen” by Thyl Hanscho. We are giving away 1×2 tickets for December 22nd, 2023 among subscribers to our Vienna newsletter. 1701687367 #Win #1×2 #tickets #FURCHTBläsen #Theater #NestroyhofHamakom

World Record for Most Pubs Visited in 24 Hours: Friends Raise Funds for MS Australia and Revive Sydney’s Nightlife

2023-12-04 10:29:58 Two friends visited 99 pubs in one day. Friends Harry Couros and Jake Loiterton had drinks worth Rs 80,000 from here. However, there was a different reason behind it. Their aim was to achieve the world record for the most pubs visited in 24 hours. However, both of them got their wish. They … Read more

The 7 best cafes and bars for winter in Vienna

2023-12-02 23:00:01 Burggasse 24 Save What screams winter coziness more than a warming fireplace? You can find it in Café Burggasse 24, which also houses a second-hand shop. The ambience is almost too cozy to be true: vintage furniture, candlelight, plants and the fireplace make you feel so cozy here that it’s difficult to say … Read more

Room for Improvement: Named one of the Best New Bars in America by Punch Magazine

2023-11-10 03:24:00 PORTLAND (WGME) – A bar in Portland is getting some national recognition, one of just five in the country to get the nod. The online beverage magazine “Punch” is rating the Old Port bar “Room for Improvement” one of the best five new bars in all of America. Punch says Room for Improvement, … Read more

Au Pot de Beurre: The Historic Restaurant Defying Odds in Pepinster

2023-11-02 15:03:59 In the middle of the main street of Pepinster, Rue Neuve, stands the restaurant “Au Pot de Beurre”, well known to Pepinsters since it has been open since March 3, 1992. The establishment, run by the Bogaert family since its opening has had to go through many obstacles in recent years, but the … Read more

The Shocking Case of Chairman Jiang: A Tale of Fraud, Deception, and Lost Millions

2023-10-17 10:49:05 A chairman in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province was obsessed with young girls and defrauded him of more than 20 million yuan. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo) All the money is gone! There is a chairman surnamed Jiang in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. He originally had a happy family and a successful career. However, he met … Read more