Do corona vaccines contribute to sudden death?

At a time when the effectiveness of the vaccine began to fall in front of the BA.5 and BA.4 mutant from Omicron, several scientific reports recently showed that Corona vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca) have adverse effects on cardiovascular health. Do corona vaccines contribute to sudden death? Studies published in prestigious scientific journals in Britain … Read more

the Kafkaesque situation of the French vaccinated in Sputnik V

Not recognized in Europe, the Russian vaccine does not allow expatriates passing through France to access the health pass. Some are piling up vaccine schedules on both sides of the border. «We are completely hostages of a vaccine geopolitics. It’s a nightmare for all of us“. Last spring, Catherine *, an expatriate in Moscow, had … Read more

The Gamaleya Institute will launch its Sputnik V nasal spray vaccine in the first quarter of 2022 | “It will be highly effective against the Omicron variant”

The Gamaleya Institute announced that will release its vaccine Sputnik V nasal spray during the first trimester of 2022. By the middle of this year, Russian researchers had made a clinical trial of the drug in children from 8 to 12 years. “The Sputnik Nasal Vaccine will be effective especially against the highly contagious variant … Read more

Sputnik V will neutralize Omicron variant, claims RDIF | Sputnik V | Gamelia Institute defends Sputnik v Omicron variant

Moscow: The Russian Gamelia Institute says the Sputnik V vaccine is expected to fight off a new strain of the corona virus, Omikron. The Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Gamelia Institute said they had begun studies in this regard. The Sputnik V vaccine has been shown to be effective against other genetically modified strains. … Read more

Combining Sputnik V and Moderna triples the level of antibodies in people over 60 years old | According to a study carried out in Santa Fe

According to a study carried out in the province of Santa Fe, people over 60 years they received the first dose of Suptnik V vaccine and completed their scheme with Modern they have the triple antibody level than those that were inoculated with the same drug. The work was done between August and October 2021 … Read more

COVID-19 | Sputnik V: What if the WHO does not approve the Russian vaccine and which countries would be affected? | Vladimir Putin United States Argentina coronavirus NNDC | WORLD

On September 15, the WHO suspended the vaccine approval process Sputnik V, which is why Europe and the United States preferred not to allow the entry of people inoculated with this vaccine. The health agency reported that failures were detected on the “Implementation of adequate measures to mitigate the risks of cross contamination” during a … Read more