The Palestinian Authority decides to participate in the ‘Aqaba Summit’ and a Jordanian plane lands in Ramallah to transport the participating delegation

A high-ranking Palestinian delegation left the West Bank today, Saturday, for Jordan to participate in a five-way summit to be held tomorrow in the Jordanian city of Aqaba, which includes Israel, according to informed Palestinian sources. The sources told the German News Agency (dpa) that a Palestinian delegation will hold talks with Jordanian and Egyptian … Read more

Column by María Isabel Rueda: From Lula to Petro – Columnists – Opinion

The storm that hordes of supporters of the former Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, caused in Brasilia on January 8 is reprehensible. In facts investigated by the justice system, the headquarters of Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace were violently invaded, with the intention of reversing the electoral result that brought Lula da Silva … Read more

US House of Representatives is investigating the federal government’s arming of citizens

Follow – consciousThe US House of Representatives has passed a resolution creating a select subcommittee to investigate whether components of the federal government have been weaponized against private citizens. To receive more news, subscribe to our channel on Telegram House lawmakers passed a resolution establishing the Special Judiciary Committee in a vote of 221-211, along … Read more

Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control to Protect Consumer Safety | Prevention and Control | Hedong District | Street_Sina News

  This article is reprinted from: Tonight News   Market regulators at all levels in this city carry out supervision and inspection   Strengthen epidemic prevention and control to protect consumer safety   In the early morning of October 1, the farmers’ market, supermarkets and stores in Jincheng started a busy day. In order to make the general public … Read more

Monkey pox. The High Authority for Health seized on the interest of a second dose of

The monkey pox continues to worry the whole world and raise many questions. According franceinfo , the government would currently take stock of the epidemic in order to know whether or not it is necessary to recommend a second dose of vaccine to the target populations. The High Authority for Health (HAS) should be seized. … Read more

“They could turn off the tap for us!”

Published on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 04:02 Par Sabrina Berhin Elio Di Rupo, the Walloon Minister-President, ensures that there will be no taboos during budgetary discussions. But he repeats, once again, that the main actions can only come from Europe. The European solution is brandished each time by the energy crisis. Without it, we … Read more