Chinese in Japan suspected of illegally importing Chinese sausages were arrested and refused to plead guilty!Japanese journalist kicked off the big talk

A Chinese woman living in Osaka was formally arrested by the Japanese police a few days ago on suspicion of selling about 11.5 kilograms of smuggled processed food including Chinese sausages and marinated chicken feet. According to Japanese media reports, the suspect had already been warned 34 times by the local law enforcement agency and … Read more

Hong Kong Cherry Blossom|Kadoorie Farm has early cherry blossoms!From the fifth day of the lunar new year, you can enter the venue for Universiade + flower viewing

[Hong Kong Cherry Blossoms]Speaking of cherry blossoms, many people will think of Japan and South Korea. In fact, there are cherry blossoms in Hong Kong for everyone to enjoy! Recently, some friends in the photography industry discovered that the bell flower cherry blossoms in the New Territories are already in full bloom. From the fifth … Read more

KOL Suet E posted dew point photos on the Internet and complained to the photographer: I called the police

In recent years, KOL Suet E has succeeded in breaking out in the Internet celebrity circle with her impressive curves. She even opened her own Onlyfans account, providing free and paid photos for fans to browse. The so-called “there are so many people who are famous”, recently a photo of her dew point was circulated … Read more

New Year’s White Rabbit Decoration at Tai Po Shopping Center Scares Netizens: The degree of shock is the same as that of paper dolls

As the Year of the Rabbit enters, major shopping malls have installed different check-in devices to welcome the new year. And a shopping mall in Tai Po also had a festive New Year’s decoration, with many white rabbits decorated. However, many neighbors called it “so scary” when they saw it, and some parents even said, … Read more

Manchester City’s remarks after the Derby were accused of dark-inch C Lang Bruno Fernandes’ counterattack/Football Hot Talk

The remarks made by Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes (Bruno Fernandes) after the derby in Manchester City were widely interpreted as the individualism of the superstar C Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo, also translated as Ronaldo), who has left the team. Nu immediately responded with a long post on social media, criticizing the media for misinterpreting his … Read more

Thirty-somethings suffering from ALK lung cancer care fund to fund a new generation of targeted drugs | Headline Daily

January 16, 2023 00:00 Last Updated: 06:51 Lung cancer is the number one “cancer killer” in Hong Kong, and among patients with advanced lung cancer, as high as 40% of the chances are that the cancer will “upgrade the brain”, and the risk of death is greatly increased. In the past, there were not many … Read more