Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh said she was very happy after receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Science and Technology: Hong Kong is my home

2023-11-17 09:44:45

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology held a degree awarding ceremony today to confer an honorary doctorate in humanities to Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh. In an interview with the media after the ceremony, Michelle Yeoh thanked HKUST and said that becoming a doctor has been a dream since she was a child and she felt very happy, “especially because I am studying here in Hong Kong, because you know that Hong Kong is my home (Hong Kong is my home) ).”

Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology today. She was so happy that she clenched her fists and laughed because her dream came true on this day. (Screenshot of HKUST live broadcast)

How to balance multiple identities Michelle Yeoh: You have to have requirements for everything you do

Michelle Yeoh became the “first Asian Best Actress” at the 95th Academy Awards with her movie “Wonder Woman”. The former squash champion was elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee at the end of last month. When asked how to balance multiple identities, Michelle Yeoh believed that all identities are connected, “whether it’s art, whether it’s sports. It’s all about everyone coming together for a collective dream. People work together to pursue a collective dream.”

Michelle Yeoh also emphasized that everything should be done with a goal and a positive attitude. “In everything you do, you must fight for yourself first, have your own requirements, and have a fighting spirit.”

She said she was happy to be a member of the International Olympic Committee. She described sports as not political, but as bringing love, enthusiasm and hope to everyone, the country, especially young people. “For love and passion, bringing hope to a country and to people, especially to the youth”.

When asked about future development, Michelle Yeoh revealed that she expects at least two cooperation projects in Hong Kong and China next year.

Michelle Yeoh: Art and science join forces to seek truth

HKUST held a degree awarding ceremony in the morning and awarded honorary doctorates to six outstanding scholars and social leaders. Among them, Michelle Yeoh was awarded an honorary doctorate in humanities. She also mentioned in her speech at the ceremony that she has always believed that art and science are deeply connected. Art is the science of experiencing human beings, and science is the art of understanding human beings, whether it is physics or film. , chemistry or dance, everyone just uses their own tools to explore deeper and unknown areas, such as inspiration, the universe, God, etc.

She believes that human beings are hunters seeking the truth, and for her, this common value and pursuit makes everyone one. (We are hunters of truth. To me, That bond of shared values ​​and commitment makes us a community.)

She said that her life started with dancing, and then she devoted herself to movies. She fell down in the process, but she enjoyed the satisfaction of starting again and kept trying again until she succeeded. She described that every failure is a learning lesson. How to deal with these lessons is part of who we are and makes our lives successful. (Every failure is a lesson, and how we react to those lessons is what makes us, is what makes up the human life.)

We are hunters of truth . To me , That bond of shared values and commitment makes us a community.楊紫瓊

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