Valladolid debates the latest developments in diabetes, obesity and nutrition

More than 285 internists will meet this coming Thursday and Friday, January 26 and 27, in Valladolid at the XVII Meeting of the Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Group of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI), where the main diagnostic and therapeutic novelties in these … More than 285 internists will meet this coming Thursday … Read more

Animal welfare, key to obtaining good reproductive rates

Animal welfare is one of the most important pillars that acquires greater relevance in all livestock. The implementation of animal welfare protocols will allow livestock to improve the housing practices, infrastructure, management, nutrition and stresswhich will obtain better reproductive and productive indices, according to an article published in the magazine of the Faculty of Veterinary … Read more

Verónica Linares and Manolo del Castillo: why did they get divorced and which ampay confirmed their breakup? | América Noticias, Report to Peru | Veronica Linares children | Manuel del Castillo wife | show business

Verónica Linares lives an idyllic romance with Alfredo Rivero today and are even close to getting married. However, prior to his courtship with the father of her two childrenthe host of “América noticias” was married to Manolo del Castillo, the remembered host of “Reportage to Peru”. Next, he knows why he divorced her and what … Read more

Driving licenses will be valid in Argentina and Portugal – Government – Politics

The Colombian driver’s license It will be valid in Argentina and Portugal. This approval was made by the Government through an agreement with both countries for the reciprocal recognition of this document. (You may be interested in: Petro’s clarification to Dussán’s announcements about pension money) According to the Vice Minister of Transportation, Eduardo Enríquez Maya, … Read more