Asraf Beno and Isa Pantoja: complete chronology of their relationship

Isa Pantoja and Asraf Beno met on ‘GH VIP’ in 2018 and since then they have constantly fought for their love Isabel Pantoja’s daughter and the ‘GH DÚO’ finalist said ‘yes, I want’ to each other last year The former ‘Survivors’ contestants live in El Puerto de Santa María with the collaborator’s son, Albertito It … Read more

Electrocution Tragedies in Sichuan: Uncovering the Bizarre Well Incident

2023-09-02 12:11:57 All three were electrocuted to death after going down the well. (Schematic / Pxhere) Three bizarre tragedies occurred recently in Sichuan, Mainland China. After a woman accidentally dropped her mobile phone in a well, her husband went into the water to retrieve the mobile phone, but suddenly let out a scream, and attracted … Read more

What can I do? Young grass is delicious! In “No Hard Feelings

2023-06-18 07:53:00 “No Hard Feelings, Saab Girl..Abma Loi” Comedy / Comedy movie directed by “Jean Stupnitsky” from quality film studio Sony Pictures, the screening program on June 22, 2023. in cinemas across the country “Jennifer Lawrence” is beautiful, sassy, ​​and tempting in NO HARD FEELINGS, a rated comedy movie from the director of “GOOD BOYS…Where … Read more

“I don’t know why it can’t be cured…” 27-year-old female YouTuber with over 1.28 million subscribers, tears due to unexplained poor physical condition: J-CAST News[Full text]

2023-05-16 23:00:00 In a video released on May 15, 2023, popular YouTuber Maataso (27), who has more than 1.28 million subscribers, details the unexplained poor physical condition that he has been complaining for several days. From Mataso’s Instagram (5m91r) Symptoms such as high fever, runny nose, cough, and sore throat continue On the 11th, Taso … Read more

BW Energy Announces Entry into Production of Dussafu Offshore License Hibiscus/Beehive Field

(Ecofin Agency) – At the beginning of April 2023, BW Energy revealed the completion of the drilling work for the DHIBM-3H well, located on the Hibiscus/Ruche perimeter of the Gabonese offshore concession of Dussafu. Commissioning of the site was to follow. The oil company BW Energy announced on Monday (April 10th) that it has started … Read more

“Wait for it!” will never be the same because of the Americans

The BLITZ+ project was founded, developed and managed by Traf Media LLC (TIN: 6154158704 KPP: 615401001). Traf Media LLC is an IT company, accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Date and number of the decision on state accreditation: No. 594 dated November 13, 2020. Registration number … Read more

What is the meaning of one person not entering the temple, two people not looking at the well?

Because popular sayings are mostly rooted in incidents that summarize people’s lives, they are found in many places. In many sayings, there is a saying “One person does not enter the temple, two people do not look, three people do not hug a tree”, surely many people will find it difficult to understand, are these … Read more