Must-Play Video Games in 2023: Inheritance of Hogwarts, Atomic Heart, and More

2023-07-10 09:01:59 In 2023, major game manufacturers will continue to make efforts, releasing many new video games to feed all hungry and thirsty gamers. This time[Talk about GAME]I will take you to find out what are the masterpieces worth playing in this year? Let us continue to read below. Further reading:[Talking about GAME]”Legend of Zelda” … Read more

Sales of Hogwarts Legacy in M.Video are four times higher than Atomic Heart

Role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy turned out to be four times more popular shooter Atomic Heart on orders in a chain of stores “M.Video-Eldorado“. This is evidenced by the data for the last month, which was shared with the media by the manager of the gaming direction M.Game Sergey Epishin. Among spring novelties Atomic Heart ranked … Read more

PC gamers complained about the delay of patches for Atomic Heart in VK Play

Another March 10 studio Mundfish announced the release of the update for Atomic Heart. The update was released on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as in Steamhowever, the version of the game distributed through the Russian platform VK Playwas left without a fresh patch. Just yesterday, the VK Play community published a message that … Read more

The Ukrainian government officially sent letters to Microsoft, Sony, and Valve requesting the withdrawal of “Atomic Heart” | 4Gamers

As rumored a few days ago, Ukraine‚Äôs Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhailo Fedorov ( Mykhailo Fedorov publicly sent documents to Microsoft, Sony, and Valve on Twitter, hoping that these three platforms can remove “Atomic Heart”. Official requests to ban selling Atomic Heart game. I do believe neither of these businesses support … Read more

“Wait for it!” will never be the same because of the Americans

The BLITZ+ project was founded, developed and managed by Traf Media LLC (TIN: 6154158704 KPP: 615401001). Traf Media LLC is an IT company, accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Date and number of the decision on state accreditation: No. 594 dated November 13, 2020. Registration number … Read more

Ukraine Deputy Minister for Digital Affairs Asks Countries to Ban the Sale of Atomic Hearts

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for Digital Affairs has forwarded a request to other countries to ban the sale of Mundfish’s recently launched Atomic Hearts. Atomic Heart is a KGB officer tasked with solving a large-scale accident in which machines rebel against people, set in an imaginary utopian future Soviet Union. In addition to background factors, the … Read more