Must-Play Video Games in 2023: Inheritance of Hogwarts, Atomic Heart, and More

2023-07-10 09:01:59

In 2023, major game manufacturers will continue to make efforts, releasing many new video games to feed all hungry and thirsty gamers. This time[Talk about GAME]I will take you to find out what are the masterpieces worth playing in this year? Let us continue to read below. Further reading:[Talking about GAME]”Legend of Zelda” video game secrets, Nintendo’s most successful IP, do you really know it? Must-play video games in 2023: 1. “Hogwarts Inheritance” 2. “Atomic Heart” 3. “Crouching Dragon: Skyfall” 4. “Evil Castle 4 Remake” 5. “The Legend of Zelda” : Kingdom Tears 6. Fighting Whirlwind 6 7. Diablo 4 8. Final Fantasy 16 Video Games You Must Play in 2023 1. Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts “Hogwarts Legacy” (Hogwarts Legacy) is adapted from the famous novel “Harry Potter” created by J. K. Rowling, allowing players to swim in the mysterious magical world. The focus of this game is an “open world action role-playing” game, so whether you are learning spells, making potions, or taming animals, you can feel the sincerity of this game. Not only that, the developer’s presentation on the game screen has also won praise from the majority of players! Game launch date: 2023/2/7 Game launch platform: PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC Must-play video games in 2023 2. “Atomic Heart” (Atomic Heart) “Atomic Heart” Atomic Heart is a first-person role-playing shooter game developed by Russian game studio Mundfish. The background of the story takes place in the Soviet Union in an overhead world. Players will play the protagonist code-named “P-3” and fight against the robots who suddenly go crazy. It is worth mentioning that the “atomic twins” in “Atomic Heart” and the image of the graceful robot girl are the most impressive “delicate” points for many players when they play this game. Game launch date: 2023/2/21 Game launch platform: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC Video games that must be played in 2023 3. “Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty” (Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty) “Wo Long “Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty” (Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty) is a role-playing action game with the background of “Three Kingdoms” launched by Koei Tecmo. Players will start the game from an unknown soldier, and then have the opportunity to become a hero who dominates one side . This work is often compared with “Nioh”, but “Crouching Dragon” also incorporates many elements of Chinese mythology, and uses “defuse” to strengthen the offensive and defensive rhythm between the enemy and the enemy, reflecting more attack fun. Game launch date: 2023/3/3 Game launch platform: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC Video games that must be played in 2023 4. “Resident Evil 4 Remake” (Resident Evil 4) ” Resident Evil 4 (Resident Evil 4) is a remake of “Evil Castle 4” launched by Capcom in 2005; as a representative chapter in the series, this time it is launched The new work not only maintains the original horror atmosphere, but also makes up for the missing plot of the year and strengthens the interaction of more NPCs, etc., so that “Evil Castle 4 Remake” has gained more praise from players. Game launch date: 2023/3/24 Game launch platform: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PC Must-play video games in 2023 5. “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” (The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom) the Kingdom) The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is definitely a must-play video game in 2023! Continuing the open game world view of the previous game, players can freely explore the continent of Hyrule. Not only that, this game also adds sky islands, “Ultimate Hand” skills, and “Zonau Device”, etc., so that players can rely on With his own imagination, Link can create mobile and combat devices with his own style while taking risks. Game launch date: 2023/5/12 Game launch platform: Nintendo Switch Must-play video games in 2023 6. “Street Fighter 6” “Street Fighter 6” is Capcom ( CAPCOM) is a fighting game developed and published, and it is the seventh generation work in the series. As a video game familiar to the public, “Quick Fighting Tornado 6” not only has a super high degree of freedom of character creation, but also brings the first “world tour” mode, players can learn a lot as the plot progresses Classic tricks such as wave boxing, etc., will definitely allow old players to have a new experience. Game launch date: 2023/6/2 Game launch platform: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Arcade Must-play video games in 2023 7. “Diablo IV” (Diablo IV) “Diablo 4” (Diablo IV) let players finally come out in 2023 after 11 years of waiting. As the most iconic game under Blizzard Entertainment, “Diablo 4” received a lot of high praise when it was released. It not only perfectly integrated the game features of the previous three generations into this generation, but also brought out the bloody and dark style. Incisively and vividly! The “mount system” added this time is the first use in the Diablo series, so players can explore the map more easily. Game launch date: 2023/6/5 Game launch platform: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC Must-play video games in 2023 8. “Final Fantasy XVI” (Final Fantasy XVI) “Final Fantasy 16” (Final Fantasy XVI) is the 16th orthodox sequel of this series. This work still maintains the independent world characteristics of each generation of “FF”, but does not deviate from the focus of “Crystal”. “Final Fantasy 16″ makes players talk about the high-paced battle this time, as well as the wonderful summoned beast fighting scenes, the gorgeous and gorgeous attacking posture and the fierce sparring of summoned beasts. Regaining confidence in Final Fantasy. Game launch date: 2023/6/22 Game launch platform: PS5 After reading the above recommended video games that must be played in 2023, which one will be the most appreciated video game by players this year? You may wish to share your views with us in the message section, and you can also read more:[Talk about GAME]”Elden’s Ring” teaches you to be a new person. These classic “Soul Series” video games must be known! FAQ What are the must-play video games in 2023? Must-play video games in 2023 include Inheritance of Hogwarts, Atomic Heart, and Evil Castle 4 Remastered.For more content, please see JUKSY Street Star

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