GTA 6 graphics will be better than Unreal Engine 5! Understand!

The graphics engine used in GTA 6 is developed by Rockstar Games itself and is called RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine). Recently, “SanInPlay” channel on YouTube reported that Alex Venturas, editor-in-chief of the RockstarMag website has revealed new information about RAGE 9, the latest version of the engine (graphics engine) from Rockstar Games, used in Grand Theft Auto VI. According to Aleix, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 may lose in graphics quality to Rockstar Games’ RAGE 9.

Although Unreal Engine 5 has impressed many players for the quality obtained in several games, Aleix Venturas says that RAGE 9 will probably achieve an even better result than the latest version of Epic Games’ graphics engine. Understand why he thinks that and how this comment about graphics engines on Twitter came about.

GTA 6 graphics engine, RAGE 9, better than Ureal Engine 5

GTA 6 graphics can be better than the one generated by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. Source: GTAVInewz (Twitter)

Aleix Venturas, Editor-in-Chief of the RockstarMag website, is quite popular in the Grand Theft Auto fan community. Recently, he revealed new information about GTA 6, where he comments on RAGE 9, the new version of the graphics engine developed by Rockstar Games, the studio responsible for the game franchise. In response to a user post “GTA 6 News” (@GTAVInewz) on Twitter, in which a theory was raised that Rockstar Games delayed the release of GTA VI due to the launch of Unreal Engine 5 in order to improve the game’s graphics, Aleix Venturas (@AleixVenturas) said:

This theory is unfounded.

1 – Unreal Engine 5 is not a competitor to RAGE 9. They don’t have the same tools and budget.

2 – The fact that GTA 6 has not yet been revealed is due to 2 reboots. The 2 previous scenarios from GTA 6 were not validated by Take-Two.

According to the SanInPlay channel on YouTube, there are clues that confirm that there really was a reboot (restart of development) in GTA6. Several factors influenced these delays, including the departure in 2020 of Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games, producer and writer of video games. Aleix also said in the comments of the same tweet above, in response to the user “Northern Cartographer” (@SchwarzioDoge)the next:

These are 2 engines that are diametrically different in their designs.

RAGE 9 uses internal tools with proprietary file formats, incorporating technologies that are very expensive and complex to implement.

UE5 will not be able to compete with RAGE 9.

RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) receives a lot of investment from the studio, as it is used in several titles by the developer. But its great difference in relation to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is that Rockstar’s graphics engine is developed already thinking about optimizing for the studio’s own games, while in the case of Unreal, the work is done thinking about its use in different studios. in the world, with different scenarios, different problems and so on. In the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine there are specific tools, specific effects, aimed only at the Rockstar Games franchises, so think that this results in the best possible optimization, allowing good performance, for example, on consoles, where there is no graphic power as big as on computers, but there is a development thinking about these platforms.

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