Sales of Hogwarts Legacy in M.Video are four times higher than Atomic Heart

Role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy turned out to be four times more popular shooter Atomic Heart on orders in a chain of stores “M.Video-Eldorado“. This is evidenced by the data for the last month, which was shared with the media by the manager of the gaming direction M.Game Sergey Epishin.

Among spring novelties Atomic Heart ranked second in terms of the number of discs purchasedwith 55% of sales coming from the PlayStation 5 version of the game, another 40% from the PlayStation 4 version, and the remaining 10% from the Xbox console.

The third most popular novelty was a remake of the horror Dead Space.

Sales of Atomic Heart were originally planned to start at M.Video at the end of March or at the beginning of April, however, the store was able to receive the first batch of discs earlier. The cost of the game is 6,499 rubles. Dead Space sells for the same price, while Hogwarts Legacy is available for 5999 rubles.

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