Sales of Hogwarts Legacy in M.Video are four times higher than Atomic Heart

Role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy turned out to be four times more popular shooter Atomic Heart on orders in a chain of stores “M.Video-Eldorado“. This is evidenced by the data for the last month, which was shared with the media by the manager of the gaming direction M.Game Sergey Epishin. Among spring novelties Atomic Heart ranked … Read more

Game charts: Dead Space, Forspoken and The Witcher 3 storm PS5 and Xbox Series

The open world action game and fantasy RPG Forspoken (at Amazon for 62 euros) in second place in the PS5 evaluation. God of War Ragnarök made it back to third place. A week earlier, the action-adventure was number six on the PS5 charts. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 slipped down one spot on the … Read more

Dead Space is a remake to serve as an example [Review]

Dead Space, the original released in 2008, is certainly one of the greatest survival horror classics. With a lot of quality, the game debuted a franchise that would consolidate itself in the genre in the following years, although the arrival of the third title was turbulent with the game being below its predecessors. Now, at … Read more

How to get infinite money in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake is here to put players back on the USG Ishimura, the terrifying ship explored by Isaac Clarke during his adventure. With many horrors and dangers, the place is completely inhospitable and survival is not easy. To make life a little easier for players, at least those who don’t find a problem with … Read more

Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke comes to Fortnite: What else does it include?

Epic Games is constantly adding new skins and items a Fortnite to captivate its players in this way, keeping the game fresh and entertaining (despite the bugs, of course). A few hours ago the arrival of Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke to free-to-play titlealso as a preamble to the launch of the highly anticipated remake of … Read more

Dead Space Remake presents its two graphic modes

Whereas Dead Space Remake will land next week on our Xbox Series X|S, Motive Studios unveils the Performance and Quality modes that will be offered at the launch of the game. Looking for #DeadSpace specs? We’ve got you covered. Console players have the option to choose between 2 graphics modes: Quality: 30fps at 4K (UHD) … Read more