Delta Force: Hawk Ops – New Reboot with Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

2023-11-11 00:10:06 “Delta Force: Hawk Ops,” a new reboot of the popular military shooter series whose first gameplay video was unveiled at “gamescom: Opening Night Live” broadcast in August this year, is scheduled to be released in Q1 2024. Amidst the long wait, TiMi Studio Group, a new developer, has released a new trailer summarizing … Read more

Minimal Affect: Latest Updates, Official Cancellation, and Just Space Release – Toadman Studios

2023-11-02 08:09:52 Toadman Studios’ “Minimal Affect” was announced in April 2020 as a Sci-Fi comedy action RPG that pays homage to Mass Effect and Star Trek, but no follow-up reports have been received since then, but Toadman is now developing this work. Officially report the cancellation. Unfortunately, the plan fell through, but it has been … Read more

Alan Wake 2: PC System Requirements and Everything You Need to Know

2023-10-21 02:58:19 The other day, we introduced the long-awaited sequel “Alan Wake 2” that looks back at the trailer of Mr. Alan so far, but as the release date of October 27, 2023 approaches, Remedy Entertainment has newly released the PC version of “Alan Wake 2”. We have announced detailed operating requirements. This time’s operating … Read more

Exploring the Birth and Influences Behind Borderlands 2: A Must-See Podcast Episode with Anthony Burch, Josh Jeffcoat, and Brian Thomas

2023-09-11 14:31:45 The other day, we introduced episode 1 of the podcast series “Echoes from the Borderlands,” which looks back at the birth of the original “Borderlands,” and now Gearbox has released episode 2 of the podcast. A very interesting video has appeared that looks back at the birth and success of the masterpiece “Borderlands … Read more

Discover the Action-Packed World of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III 2023

2023-08-26 09:00:00 Activision’s “Decisive Moment” launched a series of sequels for the first time in consecutive years. The new “Decisive Moment: Modern Warfare III 2023” will continue the storyline of “Decisive Moment: Modern Warfare II 2022” launched last year and is expected to be released on November 11. Launches globally on 10th. For the first … Read more

Spiritfarer®: A Heartwarming Management Adventure Game About Death – Play the Issei Trial & Get 75% Off for a Limited Time

2023-08-21 01:44:24 “Spiritfarer”, which was launched in August 2020 as a new work of Thunder Lotus, which gave birth to Jotun and Sundered, and has won high acclaim, Nintendo has newly released the Nintendo Switch version of the game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Announcing the holding of the “Issei Trial” that will be released … Read more

Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Explore the Mesmerizing City of 9th Century Baghdad in this Epic Action-Adventure Game

2023-08-19 02:58:56 The other day, the latest in the popular series “Assassin’s Creed Mirage”, which was announced to be released one week ahead of schedule along with Gold, has a significantly different approach from the major series titles in recent years, such as a sense of size and a return to the first generation. While … Read more