Ultimate Guide: LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, & Fortnite Festival Play Reports and Events Recap

2023-12-09 15:10:00 Epic Games has announced three new contents in the battle royale “Fortnite” for PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/Android/PC: “LEGO Fortnite”, “Rocket Racing”, Added “Festival”. All three contents can be played within Fortnite, and can be played immediately by selecting them from the lobby screen. In order to experience these as early … Read more

Microsoft’s Major Announcements at The Game Awards 2023: Xbox Series X|S Upgraded Console and More

2023-11-29 08:33:06 The annual event “The Game Awards 2023” (TGA 2023), which is highly anticipated by game manufacturers and players, will officially open on December 8. The game giant Microsoft is expected to release major news at TGA 2023. In addition to the new game information that will definitely be announced, there are also many … Read more

Mastering the Art of Countering Kimberly’s “Hisenshuu” and “Yarai Goe” in Street Fighter 6

2023-11-19 15:00:00 How to counter Kimberly’s “Hisenshuu” and derivative technique “Yarai Goe” in Capcom’s PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/Xbox Series X|S/PC (Steam) fighting game “Street Fighter 6” Introducing. Hiyaku Kick is Kimberly’s special technique that can be performed with a strong forward kick. After performing a flying kick while moving forward, you can transition to a derivative … Read more

[Interview]“Ryu ga Gotoku 8” is the largest volume ever and is a monster! Interview with Mr. Yokoyama, Mr. kson, Mr. Ai Sayama, and Mr. Nakatani – GAME Watch

2023-11-11 12:02:23 From left: Kazuhiro Nakatani, kson, Ai Sayama, Masayoshi Yokoyama Sega will hold a trial session for the dramatic RPG “Ryu ga Gotoku 8” for PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/PC on November 11th at Sunshine City Fountain Plaza in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It was done. At the venue of this event, Mr. Masayoshi Yokoyama, … Read more

“Ryu ga Gotoku Studio Trial Session”, Mr. Kson who plays the role of live hostess, Ai Sayama, and Kazuhiro Nakatani, who plays Kasuga Ichiban, appear at the nationwide trial session! – GAME Watch

2023-11-11 07:57:01 Sega has been holding a nationwide trial session of “Ryu ga Gotoku Studio” in five cities nationwide since October 14th, and the event at the Tokyo venue will be held at Sunshine City Fountain Square in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on November 11th. It was done. On November 9th, the latest work in the “Ryu … Read more

Delta Force: Hawk Ops – New Reboot with Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

2023-11-11 00:10:06 “Delta Force: Hawk Ops,” a new reboot of the popular military shooter series whose first gameplay video was unveiled at “gamescom: Opening Night Live” broadcast in August this year, is scheduled to be released in Q1 2024. Amidst the long wait, TiMi Studio Group, a new developer, has released a new trailer summarizing … Read more

Minimal Affect: Latest Updates, Official Cancellation, and Just Space Release – Toadman Studios

2023-11-02 08:09:52 Toadman Studios’ “Minimal Affect” was announced in April 2020 as a Sci-Fi comedy action RPG that pays homage to Mass Effect and Star Trek, but no follow-up reports have been received since then, but Toadman is now developing this work. Officially report the cancellation. Unfortunately, the plan fell through, but it has been … Read more

2023 Double 11 Promotion: Xbox Series Deals, New Games, and More!

2023-10-31 10:23:45 Microsoft Xbox Taiwan today (31st) announced the start of the 2023 Double 11 promotion. Xbox Series Priced at NT$1,390, pre-orders will begin on November 1st and sales will begin on November 6th. In addition to limited hardware discounts, new games in the “Dragon Among Us” and “Persona” series will debut on the Game … Read more