Microsoft Confirms: No Upgraded Version of Xbox Series X/S – Exclusive Recap and Pictures from Gamescom Game Show

2023-08-24 05:20:00 (Picture / recap of Microsoft’s official video) Unlike Sony’s frequent rumors that it will soon launch a revised PS5 and PS5 Pro, at the Gamescom Game Show in Cologne, Germany, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, personally confirmed that there will be no upgraded version of the Xbox Series X/S. According to “IGN” reports, … Read more

Comparing Sales Performance: Xbox vs PlayStation vs Nintendo Switch

2023-07-05 02:00:00 (Photo/Bloomberg) Microsoft once admitted that the sales performance of Xbox game consoles is not as good as that of Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. How much is the difference? At the recent Best International Games Festival in Brazil, Microsoft rarely revealed the real sales of Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. According to … Read more

Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard and Potential Square Enix Deal: Expanding Xbox’s Influence in the Asian Market

2023-06-29 04:04:28 Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has provided many interesting game industry secrets in various countries’ scrutiny so far. The most recent one is that Microsoft has also considered acquiring the Japanese game manufacturer Square Enix. The main reason is that it hopes to use this Enhance the influence of Xbox in the Asian … Read more

At the end of June, Empire of Sin from John Romero Studio and five more games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass

2023-06-18 12:40:25 From a subscription Xbox Game Pass a few more games will disappear soon. In the end of the month, 30 Juneservice subscribers will lose access to six previously added titles. Their names have already appeared in the Coming Soon section of the Game Pass mobile app. The following projects will be removed: • … Read more

Xbox Games Showcase 2023: Microsoft’s Strategy to Compete with Sony and Nintendo

2023-06-13 02:00:00 (Photo/Europe News Agency) Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase 2023 presentation this year has been well received by the outside world. In the face of competition from Sony and Nintendo’s two rivals, can Microsoft’s Xbox reverse the situation?Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of games for Xbox, accepts this“Bloomberg”The interview expresses the latest opinion. Phil Spencer first … Read more