Microsoft Confirms: No Upgraded Version of Xbox Series X/S – Exclusive Recap and Pictures from Gamescom Game Show

2023-08-24 05:20:00

(Picture / recap of Microsoft’s official video) Unlike Sony’s frequent rumors that it will soon launch a revised PS5 and PS5 Pro, at the Gamescom Game Show in Cologne, Germany, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, personally confirmed that there will be no upgraded version of the Xbox Series X/S. According to “IGN” reports, Microsoft does not intend to launch an enhanced version of the console in the middle of the console’s life cycle like the Xbox One X/S series. Phil Spencer pointed out that at present, only the storage capacity of the Xbox Series S can be expanded. Let developers take full advantage of hardware performance. Read on… Phil Spencer looks at the GPU and CPU market for high-end PCs and thinks it’s not always about pixels and frame rates, it’s also about lighting technology, there are many things that can make a game look and feel better Great, he thinks there is still a lot of room for improvement in this area. A few days ago, a foreign program Digital Foundry Weekly broke the news that Microsoft has positioned the Xbox Series X as a “mid-term update”, and regarded the Xbox Series S as a standard model, but released the Xbox Series X earlier, and there will be no “Pro” in the short term. And other enhanced models. What Microsoft has announced so far is that the 1TB Xbox Series S is fully attacking Game Pass players. “You may also want to watch” a large number of Android game handhelds will be listed?Qualcomm released the Snapdragon G chip to grab the layout, no need to smoke, no need to grab Now use the APP to watch the news and guarantee winning points every day. I download the APP and follow the activity method

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