Steam announces the list of 12 annual “best selling” platinum games! 4 games on the list for the first time-Free News 3C Technology

(Photo taken from Steam official website) Well-known digital game publishing platform Steam announces “2021 best seller”The game list of, based on the total annual sales of each game, covering the game itself, in-game purchase transactions and the subsequent launch of the game’s Downloadable Content (DLC) from January 1 to December 15 The top 100 “best-selling” … Read more

Play it next week! “Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade” announced on PC

(Image source/extracted from PlayStation) After a year and a half after its launch, Square Enix’s world-famous game masterpiece “Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade” is determined to be launched on the PC platform on December 16, 2021. Users of PS4 and PS5 consoles can also experience its charm. Earlier, the online live broadcast of the “2021 … Read more

Will PS5 be able to play with a monthly pass to the end?Sony is rumored to plan “new tricks” to compete with Xbox subscription services

(Photo/Bloomberg) In recent years, Microsoft has relied on Xbox Game Pass to attract many PC and Xbox players, and provides a large number of game libraries with monthly subscriptions. It is reported that Sony will consolidate its two major services, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, and launch a new subscription plan. Sony currently has two … Read more

The second best-selling Pokémon new creation in history!Simultaneously makes Nintendo Switch sales “double selling”-Free News 3C Technology

(Photo/Flip photo Pokémon official website) According to Japanese Game MagazineFamitonAccording to the latest statistics from the statistics channel, the charm of the Pokémon series is amazing. The new generation of “Pokémon Crystal Diamonds/Bright Pearls” is on the market and has become the second best seller in one fell swoop. “Animal Crossing Friends”, the second fastest … Read more

Nunu and Ike are the protagonists! Riot unveils 2 “League of Legends” extension games-Free News 3C Technology

(Picture/Review from Riot’s official website) In recent years, Riot Game has not only continued to cultivate “League of Legends”, but also expanded the game universe through a series of extended works. It also launched cross-platform mobile game works such as “Runeland” and “Fighting Canyon”, which were officially released again today (11/17) 2 extended games of … Read more

The new action RPG “Weird West” will be released in January next year! Steam pre-orders start-Free News 3C Technology

(Image source / Devolver Digital provided) The world-renowned independent game publisher Devolver Digital and the development team WolfEye Studios will soon launch a new action RPG “Weird West” with the theme of the Wild West on PC, PlayStation and Xbox multi-platforms on January 11, 2022. , To bring surreal sensory experience to all players. “Wild … Read more