Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 5: New Ending, Secret Changes, and NSFW Content

2023-12-04 10:07:25 Baldur’s Gate 3, which has received numerous praises, has just implemented a large-scale “Update 5” (Patch #5) in early December, which mainly adds a new ending, Post-Day Talk, and content corrections to many plot missions. , but there is a “secret change” that is not included in the update description file. The character’s … Read more

Unveiling Nintendo’s Controversial 18+ App for Switch Users: What’s Inside?

2023-11-27 01:40:00 (Photo / Reprinted from Nintendo’s official website) Nintendo, which has always focused on family fun, has recently launched a rare “18 banned apps”. If Switch users want to play “GoldenEye 007” and “Jet Force Twins”, they must install separate apps. download. Nintendo has launched a new App “Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online … Read more

The adult RPG “Ark Re:Code” has more than 150,000 people logged in beforehand, and the closed beta will start in early November | 4Gamers

2023-10-26 10:20:49 The new adult mobile game “Ark Re:Code” published by Neversoft is announced today (26th) that it will launch a closed beta test in early November, with a limited edition of 20,000 players. In addition, to celebrate the number of pre-registered users exceeding 150,000, the official announced an additional reward of “5★ Member Masha”. … Read more

The 3D gentleman action adventure “Endless Labyrinth: The End of the Villain” will be launched on Steam in November, and R18 DLC is free to use | 4Gamers

2023-10-19 03:42:53 Hajime Doujin Circle, the Taiwanese development team that has launched the Cinderella childhood collapse adult adventure series “Cinderella Escape!”, is expected to launch the latest 3D gentleman-oriented action adventure “Endless Labyrinth: The End of the Villain” (Widow) on Steam in November. in the Endless Labyrinth). The background of “Endless Maze: The End of … Read more

The adult time management RPG “Workplace Fantasy” is now available on Steam, with guides for sisters and workplace beauties who are too big to be good | 4Gamers

2023-10-16 09:57:11 The adult time management RPG “Workplace Fantasy” produced by HappyCreator has been launched on Steam for early access recently. The game is about a newbie in the workplace who plays a live broadcast company, and allocates time to conquer the five heroines around him. Gentleman role-playing game. The story background of “Workplace Fantasy” … Read more

Discover ‘WILD SEX: WET GIRLS’ – A Thrilling Zombie Survival Game with a Western Twist on Steam!

2023-10-06 09:34:28 The adult game “WILD SEX: WET GIRLS” produced by Octo Games is now available on Steam. In addition to the strong American-style 3D modeling, this game also adds western, zombie and other elements. It is recommended for those who like interracial romance. gentlemen. “WILD SEX: WET GIRLS” is a zombie survival game. Players … Read more

A Surprising Incident: Exploring Nude Mods in Street Fighter 6 – The Impact on Online eSports Events

2023-08-01 11:55:03 As we all know, “Street Fighter 6” (Street Fighter 6), like many masterpieces produced by Capcom (Capcom), supports various PC version mods, including the popular “King’s New King” Clothes” nude mods, usually these mods are used in private, but recently an overseas player accidentally showed the “naked Chun Li” to everyone in a … Read more

“Handyman Legend DLC and Digital Art Collection Launch: Experience New Interactive Gameplay and Explore Behind-the-Scenes Content!”

2023-05-17 10:03:42 The pixel-style adult game “Handyman Legend” (Handyman Legend) developed by the Taiwanese adult game team Chaozhenjian Studio has been extremely well received by gentlemen after it was launched on Steam in March this year. Recently, the studio announced that it will launch a free DLC. The sexy shop assistant sister will join the … Read more