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2023-10-16 09:57:11

The adult time management RPG “Workplace Fantasy” produced by HappyCreator has been launched on Steam for early access recently. The game is about a newbie in the workplace who plays a live broadcast company, and allocates time to conquer the five heroines around him. Gentleman role-playing game.

The story background of “Workplace Fantasy” describes that the player comes to a live broadcast company in a seaside town as a newcomer, and the boss of the company is “Lu Weiwei”, the widow of the protagonist’s late cousin. The player lives in the home of the Lu family sisters while getting used to it. The life of a fresher in the workplace, while cultivating the emotions of the heroines around him.

There are a total of 5 heroines to conquer in the “Workplace Fantasy” game. All the player’s actions are carried out in a real-time time-consuming manner. Although the game map is limited to a small town, there are many shops and strongholds that can be explored while walking on the road. You can pick up garbage and sell it for money, or make money through mining, work, fishing, treasure hunting, etc.

The main purpose of the game story is to talk to the heroines or give gifts to increase intimacy. When the intimacy reaches a certain level, prompts will appear to advance the plot. For example, going to a specific place at a specific time can trigger the plot.

For example, players will notice not long after the beginning that Lu Weiwei gets off work late, so going to the company in the evening can trigger an event to take her home; or returning home in the afternoon can trigger a housework event to promote another person. The heroine Lu Xiaoxiao gets intimate.

What’s interesting is that no matter what ridiculous behavior the protagonist does, such as going over to scold Gu Yuan, the intimacy level will increase. Sure enough, this is a reward in the industry.

The reward for improving intimacy is naturally various gentleman benefits.

The game’s H scenes are mainly presented in Live2D without correction, and triggered H events can also be re-viewed through memories.

In recent years, there have been quite a few adult games with gameplay like “Workplace Fantasy”. However, “Workplace Fantasy” itself is quite detailed in game art. Even though the story setting is a bit funny and exaggerated, the background itself still has a good immersive effect, especially It can capture the settings of big-breasted sisters, aloof ladies, athletic girls and intellectual beauties.

However, due to the early access version of this game, many players are currently reporting bugs about characters disappearing, and the development team also responded that these problems are being corrected. In addition, the painting style also has a strong sense of AI. Interested players may wish to pay attention to the follow-up Will consider updating again.

The time management adult RPG “Workplace Fantasy” has been released in early access on Steam. The standard version is priced at NT$268 and supports Traditional Chinese. Interested players can refer to it.

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