Valve’s Steam Deck gets performance and external display improvements with new Steam Deck OS 3.5 update

2023-09-20 00:51:00 Steam Deck OS 3.5 is available to try now on Valve’s Preview channel. (Image source: Alexander Andrews) Valve has released Steam Deck OS 3.5 on its Preview software channel. Although the version number suggests this is a minor release, Valve has added many features, including reduced APU power consumption, HDR support, and integration … Read more

Lenovo launches Steam Deck rival and ASUS ROG Ally

2023-09-01 15:35:00 The Legion Go was officially announced today (1) during IFA 2023. It is a portable PC designed for gaming with Windows 11 created by Lenovo. The last in this gaming device category was the ROG Ally from Asus, which was announced in the first half of 2023. See below for all the details … Read more

JSAUX RGB Docking Station: The Ultimate Expansion Base for x86-based Handheld Computers

2023-07-25 01:00:00 The RGB Docking Station launched by JSAUX is an expansion base specially designed for x86-based handheld computers. It can support a variety of handheld computers including Steam Deck, Ally, and AYANEO 2. Supports a variety of handheld computers JSAUX RGB Docking Station adopts a retractable stand design, users can adjust the position of … Read more

TJD-T10, the new Chinese console that will compete with Steam Deck and ROG Ally and that surpasses them as the one with the most horrible design – FayerWayer

2023-07-14 00:35:46 In the competitive handheld console market, the Chinese company MingZhi Integrated Corporation (TJD) has announced its latest device, the TJD-T10, which has one feature that beats any other similar one on the market: it has the most horrible design of all. Despite having impressive specifications and advanced features, the design of this new … Read more

New AMD processor for notebooks beats Apple’s M2

2023-05-03 21:33:57 AMD has invested in developing chips to bring PC gaming to more portable devices, but without sacrificing the graphics experience as much. Last month, the company said it was working on Ryzen Z1 and Ryzen Z1 Extreme processors, which will be used in the Asus ROG Ally, a device created to compete with … Read more

“Transforming Your Steam Deck: Installing Windows 10 with Dual Boot for Maximum Flexibility”

2023-04-17 05:20:35 In addition to being the king of handheld consoles and emulator consoles in 2022, Steam Deck can be used as a desk at home because of its high-performance hardware, good scalability, and Linux-based operating system. On the computer, of course, it can also be taken out and used as a thin and light … Read more