What’s happening with Asahi Linux, the Linux distribution in development for Apple Silicon Macs?

For nearly two years, a team of enthusiasts has been working on a very ambitious project: porting Linux to Apple Silicon Macs. In a recently published postthis team led by a renowned hacker, Hector “marcan” Martin, provides information on the progress of Asahi Linux. Image Asahi Linux USB… et USB The first part looks at … Read more

DriverSavers promises to recover data from severely damaged Mac M1 or M2 motherboard

You have to back up your data elsewhere than on your Mac: whether with Time Machine, in an online space or cloned in the machine, no matter, nothing should be overlooked in this area! Because when something bad happens, you find yourself in Gros-Jean as before. The MacBook Pro M1 Pro motherboard. Image : iFixit … Read more

Dig deep into Apple’s mysterious semiconductor “M1 Ultra” that debuted at “Mac Studio” | Business Insider Japan

Dig deep into Apple’s mysterious semiconductor “M1 Ultra” that debuted at “Mac Studio” | Business Insider Japan

Apple announced the desktop “Mac Studio” for creators before dawn on March 9. Source: Apple Apple has announced a new product for the spring of 2022.For manyNew model of “iPhone SE”You may be curious, but the biggest “new innovation” was the Mac. The new model “Mac Studio” is equipped with “M1 Ultra,” which is Apple’s … Read more

In 2021, an exceptional cuvée for the Mac in a controlled transition

The transition to Apple chips is well underway: the manufacturer had promised that this big change would take place over two years and so far, it is on schedule. And the users are the winners every time! In 2021, Apple launched three new computers, all equipped with an in-house chip: the24-inch iMac in April, as … Read more

Rumors: towards an Apple Silicon chip renewal every 18 months?

Apple reportedly plans to renew its Apple Silicon chips every 18 months, Taiwanese financial newspaper tells us ‌Commercial Times. According to its industry sources, M2 processors should benefit from TSMC’s 4nm engraving. The “simple” version would be codenamed Staten while the M2 Pro and Max would be nicknamed Rhodes internally. The development of this new … Read more