NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Studio Creator Hosts are on stage! 2 major e-commerce exclusive sales

NVIDIA announced the launch of the GeForce RTX Studio creator host, which will be exclusively listed on MOMO shopping network and PChome 24h shopping from now on. (Photo provided by NVIDIA) NVIDIA Huida officially launched the GeForce RTX Studio creator host in Taiwan, starting todayMOMO shopping networkandPChome 24h shoppingExclusively on sale. GeForce RTX Studio creator … Read more

Don’t get the iPhone 13 yet? Foreign media take stock of Apple’s 7 major products “buying now is a waste of money”

(Photo/Bloomberg) Buy 3C products to choose the right time!In case of spending tens of thousands of yuan, the next generation will come out not long after, which makes people feel very regretful, foreign media《ZDNET》According to Apple’s update cycle, the 8 major products are listed as “a waste of money to buy now”, and the next … Read more

End support as soon as next month!Microsoft will retire 2 older versions of Windows this year

(Photo/Reuters) Microsoft releasedwarn, which will retire commercial Windows Server version 20H2 systems next month. In addition, according to the official page, Windows 10 will be phased out at the end of the year. 21H1 version. Server-oriented Windows Server version 20H2 will end support on August 9th, and will not be able to receive the latest … Read more

It is rumored that NVIDIA has significantly reduced the price of GPU graphics cards!High-end models cut through 15,000 yuan at a time

(Photo/European News Agency) Graphics card prices plummet! Not only because the scalpers are no longer hyping, but now even NVIDIA officials have announced that they are preparing to significantly reduce the price of the RTX 30 series graphics card GPUs, up to $500 (about 14,962 yuan). 《Benchlife》The website obtained the latest NVIDIA channel prices abroad, … Read more

Microsoft is trying to kill HDD boot drives for good…Details

Microsoft may have plans to eliminate its use of hard disk drives (HDDs) which are among its key storage components on Windows 11 PCs, according to a recent report by industry analyst Trendfocus, as reported by Tom’s Hardware. And if Microsoft implements its plans, consumers could start seeing solid-state drives (SSDs), with the exception of … Read more

Steam announces the latest hardware survey!These 3 “affordable graphics cards” are the first choice for PC gamers

(Photo/Bloomberg) Well-known game platform Steam Recently, the “Hardware & Software Survey” in May was released. Statistics found that Windows 11 accounted for more than 20% for the first time, and three “affordable graphics cards” were the most popular among PC gamers. At present, the most mainstream system for PC players is still Windows 10 64bit, … Read more