Customize Your Xbox Experience with Microsoft’s Replaceable Themed Covers and Accessories

2023-08-22 07:34:03 Microsoft Xbox Series X has introduced replaceable themed covers, allowing players to customize the appearance of the host, and accessories also consider the protection and heat dissipation of the host. At the same time, it launched the “Starry Sky” and camouflage design versions, and it will be available for pre-order in the Microsoft … Read more

Lenovo’s Legion Go: A Windows 11 Gaming Handheld with AMD Ryzen 7040HS Processor and Joy-Con Detachable Controller

2023-08-18 06:20:01 Lenovo’s “Legion Go” is a Windows 11 gaming handheld with an AMD Ryzen 7040HS processor and a Joy-Con detachable controller, which may be unveiled at Gamescom or IFA 2023. According to news from the Windows Report website, Lenovo will follow up and launch gaming handheld products similar to Steam Deck and ROG Ally, … Read more

Upcoming Closure of Xbox 360 Online Store and Microsoft Movies & TV App: What You Need to Know

2023-08-18 06:22:26 Microsoft will terminate the Xbox 360 online store and Microsoft Movies & TV App on July 29, 2024. Purchased content can still be used on each platform, and game sales on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will not be affected. Microsoft confirmed earlier that it will officially close the online store corresponding … Read more

Sony Tests PS5 Game Streaming and Launches Streaming Game Zone on PlayStation Plus: Competing with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

2023-08-10 05:10:45 Sony is testing PS5 streaming games, and it is also launching a streaming game zone on PlayStation Plus, hoping to counter Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The launch time of the previously announced new handheld Project Q is still undecided. A few days ago, Nick Maguire, Sony’s global sales vice president, confirmed that he … Read more

Western Digital Expands Xbox Storage with WD_BLACK C50 and Offers Xbox Game Pass Trial

2023-08-07 06:05:17 Western Digital joins the camp of storage expansion cards that comply with the Xbox Velocity architecture, first launching the 1TB WD_BLACK C50, and offering a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox Series X|S expansion memory card that was exclusively launched by Seagate in the past and corresponds to the Xbox … Read more

AMD’s RDNA 4 Architecture: No High-End GPUs? Exploring AMD’s Strategy in the Graphics Card Market

2023-08-07 06:56:06 AMD provides Radeon RX7900 XTX and Radeon RX 7900 XT in the current RDNA 3 architecture products to compete with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and GeForce RTX 4090. After the connector meltdown incident, it is expected to grab a certain market, but the cruel reality of the market is that the Radeon RX … Read more