Comparing Sales Performance: Xbox vs PlayStation vs Nintendo Switch

2023-07-05 02:00:00

(Photo/Bloomberg) Microsoft once admitted that the sales performance of Xbox game consoles is not as good as that of Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. How much is the difference? At the recent Best International Games Festival in Brazil, Microsoft rarely revealed the real sales of Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. According to live photos obtained by foreign media “WCCftech”, Microsoft confirmed in a presentation briefing that the Xbox Series X/S series sold a total of 21 million units. In addition, 48% of Xbox Series S players are new users of the platform. If you add the Xbox One to a total of 79 million units of two generations of consoles, in other words, there are about 58 million Xbox Ones. Please continue reading… For comparison, Sony announced in its latest quarterly financial report that the global PS5 has accumulated 38.5 million units, and the first quarter of fiscal year 2023 has a score of 6.3 million. A good result of 117.2 million was achieved in the year. As for the Nintendo Switch, there are a total of 120 million units. Phil Spencer, director of Microsoft games, admitted to foreign media last month that Xbox is indeed in the third place. In order to expand its influence, the strategy is to release games on multiple platforms. Through the Game Pass subscription service, players can use Xbox consoles and PC simultaneous play. In addition, Microsoft is also expected to release a new 1TB Xbox Series S Carbon Black console, combining the advantages of the Game Pass subscription service to grab more players. “You may also want to watch” Steam announced the latest hardware survey! PC players’ favorite “affordable graphics card” TOP 3. Shuffle the cards, don’t smoke, don’t rush. Now use the app to watch the news and guarantee winning points every day. I download the app and follow the activity method

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