Retraining your Serpuarians is not useless!

2023-04-22 09:00:00

No need to tell stories: the environmental crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Fortunately, Quebecers are aware of this: 86% of the population believes in the urgency of climate action, according to the most recent Climate Action Barometer published in December 2022.

Thus, most of us want to do more for the environment, but the real challenge is to know what concrete steps to take to take action. What can we do to really change things? For some, our response to the climate crisis is of great concern. The proof: again according to the Barometer, 56% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 have felt eco-anxiety in the last year, that is, a feeling of apprehension about the consequences of climate change.

However, the slightest action taken every day by all young and old has its impact on reducing our collective ecological footprint. Properly recycling cardboard and plastic, getting around by public transport, shopping in thrift stores, composting and rejecting single-use containers are just a tiny part of the actions we can all do for the planet. This mobilization involves young people, but also all generations. It must continue and grow because it is necessary and essential to our future.

Recycling of electronic devices

Do you have an old phone that no longer works at all, a cable that no longer has any use, an outdated video game console or a pair of headphones of which only the left is still operational and lying around accumulating dust? ? I suspect that the answer is yes! The good news is that in Quebec, we have had the good fortune to benefit, for more than a decade, from an official recycling program for electronic products known as Recycling my electronics™ and managed by the Association for the recycling of electronic products in Quebec (ARPE-Quebec).

But you still need to know about this program to take advantage of it and take the right steps! According to a recent survey conducted for EPRA-Québec, 34% of 18-34 year olds did not know that such a program existed. However, in a world where electronic devices are multiplying at breakneck speed, it is more necessary than ever to understand the importance of this program and to use it. There are nearly 1,000 official drop-off points across the province to recycle some 150 types of electronics; the program has real positive impacts on the environment.

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For better preservation

Bringing our Serpuarians to it allows us to recover and recover materials such as metals, plastics and glass, thus preserving non-renewable natural resources. This is a simple gesture that makes possible both the recovery of materials that can still be used and the adequate treatment of toxic substances found in certain components.

On this Earth Day, the expression “every little gesture counts” takes on its full meaning: let’s stop for a moment to observe what we are already doing and think about what more we can do to bequeath to future generations a planet in health.

Let’s also take this opportunity to add other actions to our personal toolbox to counter the environmental crisis. Because the fight against climate change can start with recycling our electronic devices. Retraining your Serpuarians® is not useless!

Martin Carli, Scientific Popularizer, Spokesperson for ARPE-Québec

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