Ukraine Deputy Minister for Digital Affairs Asks Countries to Ban the Sale of Atomic Hearts

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for Digital Affairs has forwarded a request to other countries to ban the sale of Mundfish’s recently launched Atomic Hearts.

Atomic Heart is a KGB officer tasked with solving a large-scale accident in which machines rebel against people, set in an imaginary utopian future Soviet Union.

In addition to background factors, the company invested in making this game is known to be a pro-Russian company, and due to this, requests to ban sales have been sent to Sony, Microsoft, and Valve in Ukraine.

Deputy Minister for Digital Affairs, Alexander Bornyakov, is requesting Ukraine to ban digital distribution, while also forwarding requests to other countries to ban sales, collecting data on potential users of the game and transferring the game to third parties in Russia. Due to the possibility that the money raised from purchasing the game could be used to wage a war, countries were urged to limit distribution.

On the other hand, since Atomic Heart was announced in 2018, there has been a lot of controversy as it is aligned with the current war, from rumors about the existence of the game, to the Ukrainian minister’s criticism of the game, to the appearance that one of the game characters is designed to resemble the former Ukrainian prime minister. This is a game where layers are happening.

Currently, Atomic Heart is released on PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, and XBOX series X/S, and is also available through the XBOX Game Pass.

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