PC gamers complained about the delay of patches for Atomic Heart in VK Play

Another March 10 studio Mundfish announced the release of the update for Atomic Heart. The update was released on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as in Steamhowever, the version of the game distributed through the Russian platform VK Playwas left without a fresh patch.

Just yesterday, the VK Play community published a message that update will become available in their service, however, they did not indicate the timing, promising only that it would be released “soon”.

In the comments under the post, this caused a lot of complaints. Users began to express dissatisfaction with why the version of Atomic Heart for VK Play always receives patches later, while on other platforms the game is updated immediately.

Representatives of VK Play did not respond to messages from the players.

As a reminder, update brought a lot of fixes and improvements, as well as added support for setting the field of view. The list of changes can be found Here.

Also over the weekend, information appeared that the developers of Atomic Heart already planning a sequel.

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