Expanding XBOX Game Pass to Every Screen: What’s Next for XGP?

2023-12-03 09:47:08 Previously, Tim Stuart, chief financial officer of XBOX, publicly stated at the Wells Fargo TMT Summit that XBOX Game Pass (XGP) and XBOX’s first-party games should be on “every screen that can play games.” ”, which has also triggered discussions on whether XGP will be launched on the PS platform and Nintendo’s game … Read more

Microsoft finalizes purchase of Activision Blizzard after 20 months

2023-10-13 19:00:04 The soap opera finally came to an end, with a positive outcome for Microsoft. The company guaranteed today (13) the Activision Blizzard acquisition, taking a big step in its expansion within the video game industry. The negotiation has faced several challenges over the past few months, as Microsoft sought the necessary approvals to … Read more

Xbox dominates industry with major IPs

2023-10-13 19:10:00 This Friday, October 13th, Microsoft confirmed the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a purchase that considerably strengthens the Xbox catalog and will soon see several important IPs reach Game Pass. With this, the company now has prominent IPs in practically all genres on the market. Xbox dominates the market with major IPs With established … Read more

Microsoft’s Internal Proposal to Acquire SEGA: Boosting Xbox Game Pass and Global Game Market Investment

2023-06-28 05:29:04 Documents revealed that Microsoft had internally proposed to acquire SEGA to boost the Xbox Game Pass business. Although Microsoft eventually chose to acquire other companies, this message still shows its deep investment in the global game market. In the US Federal Trade Commission’s accusation that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard involves violating market … Read more

Xbox Game Pass will be more expensive in Brazil; see new value

2023-06-22 17:48:26 Microsoft has revealed that it will change the price of its products, which includes its consoles and also the Xbox Game Pass, the famous subscription service. However, for the happiness of Brazilians, here in Brazil the change will only happen in the service, with the consoles maintaining the same price as they currently … Read more

Xbox Series X Pricing: Changes, Comparisons, and Xbox Game Pass Price Increase Updates

2023-06-22 13:07:56 Kari Perez, head of Xbox communications, said in an interview with The Verge: “We haven’t raised the price of the console for many years, and adjust the price according to the competitive conditions of each market.” Comparable to the PS5 price increase Sony announced last year in some markets, the Xbox Series X … Read more

Sony’s PlayStation Plus Subscription Service: A Complete Breakdown and Comparison to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass

2023-06-18 04:10:38 Sony said that for the new PlayStation Plus subscription service, the number of subscriptions for the advanced plan far exceeds that of the basic and upgrade plans, and it chooses to provide game content at the end of the game sales life, which is completely different from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass strategy of … Read more