UN Security Council Adopts Gaza Resolution for Humanitarian Ceasefire – Live Updates

2023-11-16 01:41:55 The UN Security Council has adopted a Gaza resolution calling for a day-long ceasefire. After a long struggle, the most powerful UN body agreed on the joint resolution on Wednesday in New York. The USA waived a veto and abstained, as did Russia and Great Britain. Twelve of the 15 member states voted … Read more

Travel Warning for LGBTQ Community: Understanding the Socio-Political Climate in the United States

2023-08-30 16:30:00 Washington/Ottawa. It is a special kind of travel warning because it comes from the big neighbor to the north. The Canadian government is urging gay, lesbian, transgender and other members of the nearly one million LGBTQ community to do more research before traveling to the United States. That means getting acquainted with where … Read more

Severe Fires in Tenerife, Canada, and Hawaii: Updates and Impacts on Communities

2023-08-21 06:00:00 Bild: Karsten Winegeart / Unsplash Severe fires in Tenerife, Canada and Hawaii. Mass evacuations and thousands missing. Hawaiians fear losing their cultural identity through land sales. Thousands of Tenerife residents were forced to flee blazes last week from wildfires that authorities said were out of control, the news channel reports Al Jazeera. Advertisement … Read more

Sky Phenomena in Germany: Effects of Forest Fires in Canada

2023-06-28 16:45:00 particulate matter in the sky Forest fires in Canada: effects seen in Germany 28.06.2023, 18:45 | Reading time: 4 minutes MontrĂ©al is currently the city with the worst air quality in the world MontrĂ©al is currently the city with the worst air quality in the world Because of the forest fires raging across … Read more

Tragic Submersible Accident: Investigations and Surveys Underway by US Coast Guard

2023-06-25 23:14:51 Boston (AP) – The US Coast Guard is also looking for the cause of the accident after the confirmed death of the five occupants in the “Titan” submersible. “The focus of the investigation is on the recovery of objects from the seabed,” said Coast Guard chief investigator Jason Neubauer at a press conference … Read more

Search for Five-Person Submersible Near Titanic Wreck Yields No Results: US Coast Guard

2023-06-20 17:15:31 So far there has been no sign of a search for a five-person submersible near the famous “Titanic” wreck. “Today, those search efforts have yielded no results,” a US Coast Guard spokesman said Tuesday in Boston. Share this article Boston – So far there is no trace of a search for a submersible … Read more