Belgian Province Weather Warnings: Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red Codes Explained

2023-11-24 14:15:16 Published on Tuesday July 4, 2023 at 6:59 a.m. When the criteria are met, IRM issues general warnings several times a day for hazardous phenomena related to wind, rain, thunderstorms, slippery conditions, fog, tides, cold and heat. These warnings are issued by Belgian province, for a specific period of validity. They meet the … Read more

A full day of appreciation for the brilliant musician Gabriel Yared: ‘Change in Lebanon has become an urgent need because the situation is no longer tolerable.’

2023-09-24 21:00:00 In the midst of nightmares filled with disappointments from the bitter reality, the international composer Gabriel Yared returned to Beirut through a fleeting visit to the family, stopping by the “Tabaris House of Culture and Arts” to share from the threads of memory his career filled with music from its beginnings to the … Read more

Possible Negotiations Between Italy and China on the Belt and Road Initiative: Italian Deputy Prime Minister’s Visit to Beijing

2023-09-02 08:41:25 The Italian Deputy Prime Minister visited China on 9/3, and it was rumored that he might negotiate with Beijing not to renew the Belt and Road Initiative. (Schematic, AFP) [Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani is expected to visit China from September 3rd to 5th. Italian media revealed … Read more

Goat Festival in Aulnois: Impact of Weather and Organizers Preparing for Next Edition

2023-07-23 14:26:18 The goat festival, in Aulnois, impacted by the weather but the organizers are already preparing the next edition The weather was not favorable for the goat festival this year. Despite everything, a few craftsmen, notably French, made the trip. Frédéric is a goat cheese lover. – MC By Marcello Coda Published on 07/23/2023 … Read more

Xu Ruoxi’s Recovery: Big Step Forward After Elbow Surgery – August Comeback

2023-07-16 09:36:00 Xu Ruoxi. (File photo, photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun) [Reporter Wu Qingzheng/Taipei Report]Wei Quanlong pitcher Xu Ruoxi has taken a big step forward in his recovery. Next Tuesday, he will have his first pitching practice after elbow surgery. The goal is to come back in August. He will start from the relay at … Read more

Daniel Peña’s Insights on Saudi Arabia’s Investment Opportunities: A Trillion Dollar Man’s Perspective

2023-07-02 09:01:41 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites circulated previous videos of the American businessman, Daniel Peña, nicknamed the “Trillion Dollar Man”, and what he said about the Kingdom and the future of investments and projects in it. Peña said in the circulating video clip: “If you are fluent in Arabic or can … Read more

“Netflix” is preparing for a second season of the series “With My Kisses… Kitty”

2023-06-15 03:51:00 Netflix is ​​preparing to produce the second season of the romantic comedy With Kisses… Kitty, becoming its first TV series to adapt a Netflix original, To All the Boys I Loved Before. The Boys I’ve Loved Before) which was produced in three parts. Netflix produced the (Bridgerton) TV series, from which Queen Charlotte’s … Read more

Covid-19 Pandemic Update: WHO Raises Alert Level, Urges Continued Vigilance

2023-05-05 13:23:00 The World Health Organization announced Friday that Covid-19 is under sufficient control to raise the state of high alert associated with it, more than three years after the spread of this epidemic that caused millions of deaths, but it warned that it must not be complacent. “It is with much hope that I … Read more