69,000 euros to recover and improve the mountain trails of Navarra

The Government of Navarra, through the Navarro Sports Institute (IND), has contributed during this year 69.000 euros for work of maintenance, recovery, marking, homologation, and improvement of mountain trails of the Foral Community, the so-called GRs (Great Tour) and the GRTs (Great Cross-Border Tour). The IND and the Navarra Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing … Read more

“I don’t want to play bank and lend the supplier money that I get back later”

Faced with the energy crisis, an impressive number of households have switched to monthly bills. Walter Peeters from Lommel is one of the customers who have decided to change their payment habits. Since April 1, 2022, households that have a digital meter can choose to pay their energy bills on a monthly basis rather than … Read more

“We are talking about a clear desire not to pay”

Published on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at 06:57 Par Sudinfo with Belga Customs flushes out more bad payers with smart cameras. No less than 3,686 late fines were thus collected last year, for a sum of 2.5 million euros. This year too, the FPS Finance is recording rising figures, reports De Zondag on Sunday. “These … Read more

Pokémon Sword and Shield – Collect a Victini and Ash’s Hydragon via Mystery Gift – Nintendo Switch

On the occasion of the 2022 Pokémon World Championships, several codes were revealed to spectators to get their hands on some special Pokémon. This year, we have the right to a Hydragon with the same abilities as Sacha’s in the official anime, as well as a Victini. Both creatures are to be collected via the … Read more

“Walking with a cane” “Walking on Crutches” “Scared Step by Step” Kangxi Emperor Liu Songren Han appeared…Recent exposure | Entertainment | CTWANT

The 72-year-old Hong Kong star Liu Songren once played “Emperor Kangxi” in “Startling Step by Step”. In January 2020, he was caught by the media as weak and weak and had to walk with crutches, so rumors of a stroke were rumored, but he has never come forward to confirm or confirm. deny. After a … Read more

The Russian army is very primitive and predictable, the Ukrainian presidential adviser: the Ukrainian-Russian war has entered the “final stage” – International – Free Times Newsletter

The Ukrainian army continued to counterattack in several strongholds and regained the occupied land. The picture shows the Ukrainian army waving the national flag. (Associated Press) 2022/05/21 21:08 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]It has been nearly three months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said a few days ago that he would mobilize a … Read more