Celine Dion Remains in Spirit Despite Suffering from Illness, Hopes to Return to the Stage – 2024-03-18 17:36:53

Despite suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome, Celine Dion, the famous pop superstar, still shows her enthusiasm for returning to the stage. (AFP) DESPITE suffering from illness, Celine Dion is still enthusiastic about appearing on stage again. The pop superstar, 55, revealed in an Instagram post that despite suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome, he hopes to … Read more

The Realm of Wisdom: Unraveling Zhuangzi’s ‘Equality of Things’

2023-11-03 10:21:23 Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash “Zhuangzi·Equality of Things” The great knowledge is leisurely, the small knowledge is leisurely. The big talk is Yan Yan, the small talk is Zhan Zhan. His sleep is full of souls, and his consciousness is open. It is built with connection, and the heart fights with it … Read more

The Wandering Earth: Exploring the Depths of Human Spirituality and the Survival of Earth

2023-11-02 13:00:58 Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash When the sun, which symbolizes the source of all things, is about to become a threat that swallows everything,What changes will the human spiritual world undergo? The sun’s helium flash and the earth being swallowed up – this distant and familiar concept often appears in Western science … Read more

Understanding the Emotional Challenges of Aging: A Guide for Families and Caregivers

2023-10-17 21:13:38 Introduction to the series of articles Parents learn from their heartsIt aims to help the public better understand and interpret the worries and troubles in their parents’ hearts. The series of articles will explore topics such as physiological aging, psychology, emotional support and spiritual needs of the elderly through various situations in life, … Read more

The Spirit of Women’s Volleyball: Inspiring the Next Generation

2023-09-19 02:27:00 Original title: The spirit of women’s volleyball team is all around us China Sports News reporter Su Chang Before the official launch of the 2023 National Fitness Online Games·Chinese Volleyball Good Family “Cloud” Showcase, the Chinese Volleyball Association shot a special promotional video, which mainly tells the story of the new era of … Read more

The Healing Power of Closing Your Eyes: Restoring Your Mind and Revitalizing Your Body

2023-08-31 06:16:04 Closing your eyes and resting your mind is a very common thing. In daily stressful life, you may occasionally close your eyes, take a breath, let go of the tense emotions, and quickly recover your spirit. It does not take up time or place. No training, nothing special. The word “close your eyes … Read more

Taigang Falcons Renew Contract with Captain Wu Daihao: Experience and Leadership for Championship Pursuit

2023-08-28 07:13:00 Taigang Falcon and Wu Daihao renewed their contract. (Provided by Taigang Falcon) [Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Taipei Report]The Tainan Taigang Falcons announced today that they have renewed their contract with captain Wu Daihao. The team hopes to continue to pass on the experience, spirit and attitude of his “golden generation” to the team. As a … Read more

Horoscope: Gemini is trapped by love, and Libra is afraid of big trouble! Aquarius is lucky! _feelings_love_ideas

2023-06-23 10:05:00 Original title: Horoscope: Gemini is trapped by love, Libra is afraid of big trouble! Aquarius is very lucky! Aries Recently, you will be very picky, always picking on other people’s faults, and sometimes have the idea of ​​giving up this relationship, and you are easy to be impulsive. The best way to solve … Read more