The Wandering Earth: Exploring the Depths of Human Spirituality and the Survival of Earth

2023-11-02 13:00:58

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When the sun, which symbolizes the source of all things, is about to become a threat that swallows everythingWhat changes will the human spiritual world undergo?

The sun’s helium flash and the earth being swallowed up – this distant and familiar concept often appears in Western science fiction, but what is different from the West is that this time, humans no longer leave anyone behind, only allowing elite astronauts to carry their preferred DNA opens up a new world. This time, Liu Cixin allows human beings to make another choice. When facing extinction, human beings choose to take the land under their feet, the mother of our civilization – the earth – to find the next place to belong to. of galaxies.

Such a sci-fi plot with an oriental flavor has led to the official remake of “The Wandering Earth” into a movie, which will be officially released in 2019. But if you’ve only seen the movie, it’s a shame. In the movie, although the rendezvous crisis with Jupiter is thrilling, it only lasts a few seconds during the wandering journey of the earth. However, what you get from reading the novel is a vigorous half century.

Under the value of “survival above all else” in the book, if people have no religious beliefs and do not pay attention to art and philosophy, the earth may disappear like a bubble at any time. Only when you are alive, everything is real. Therefore, in Liu’s writings, all the farewells and deaths of loved ones are extremely alienating and short-lived. Whether it’s my grandfather who has been slow to adapt to the changes, my mother who is outside the queue of more than 20,000 people, my father who has no pain, Kayoko walking to the other side, those civilized traitors who insist on their beliefs, don’t look back, never look back, I feel like Listening to Liu Cixin’s voice, don’t look at the past, only move forward will all these things stay. Only in this way can mankind complete these two thousand and five hundred years and reach another star that belongs to mankind.

This is really a cold and deep emotion…

Reading The Wandering Earth, in addition to witnessing the changes in human spirituality, political situation, and social values ​​under the existential crisis, the most unforgettable thing for me is the change in the position of “me who is watching.”

In reality, I always take “myself” very seriously. I am the center of the world, and the surroundings are just the surroundings other than me. As for the space in which they live, most of them stay on a certain plane or a certain area, the largest being the island of Taiwan. Rarely do we realize the three-dimensional space on a “planet” scale.

But every time I read Liu’s works, I feel like I am placed on the other side of the universe, watching the object “Earth” and its encounters from a new perspective. And on this object, there is another me like a bacteria, being stared at by “me from God’s perspective”.

The relationship between “I” and “Earth” is only apparent when both are observed as objects. Only then did I begin to truly feel that “the me who is watching” and the “planet under my feet” are truly connected. Me, my surroundings, the people, animals, plants, and as small as bacteria around me, we all live on this planet, we are a community of destiny, and we are one of the trillions of living beings…

As I write this in the middle of the night, I still can’t help but think of the song in the book that I have never heard before——.

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