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The 72-year-old Hong Kong star Liu Songren once played “Emperor Kangxi” in “Startling Step by Step”. In January 2020, he was caught by the media as weak and weak and had to walk with crutches, so rumors of a stroke were rumored, but he has never come forward to confirm or confirm. deny. After a lapse of 2 years, Liu Songren recently posted a recent photo on Weibo. He looked ruddy and his health seemed to be recovering well, which reassured fans a lot.

Liu Songren rarely exposed recent photos on Weibo on the 11th. You can see that he has a bright smile on his face, his complexion is quite rosy, and his body seems to be recovering well, which reassures fans a lot. So happy to see your recent photos”, “Song Ge is in good condition”, “It’s good to see Song Ge so happy”, “Song Ge is in good spirits”, “Good health, take good care of your body, all Hope to see you play again.”

72-year-old Hong Kong star Liu Songren. (Picture / Retrieved from Liu Songren’s Weibo)

Liu Songren was discovered by the media in January 2020 that his right foot was weak and he needed a cane to walk. In addition, when holding a cane, his index finger and little finger could not be fully bent, so he was suspected of having a stroke, but he did not respond positively at that time. , only called himself “injured” and said “I hope to recover!”

Later, his friend Michelle revealed when he attended the event that Liu Songren did not have a stroke, but accidentally fell and was injured in the backstage during the production of the musical “Ricci”. Or practicing qigong, she also praised the other party’s good spirit.

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