Fei Yuqing Feng Mai retired for 3 years and Bai Bingbing revealed his private retirement life-Entertainment-China Times News

Fei Yuqing retired Mai for 3 years. (Picture/China Time File Photo) Bai Bingbing (right) and Ye Ailing attended the “2023 True Love Show‧Sapphire Cabaret” press conference. (Photo by Luo Yongming) Bai Bingbing, Ye Ailing, and Gao Liu’s executive director Ding Dulan attended the concert press conference on the 15th. (Photo by Luo Yongming) Bai Bingbing … Read more

The next pandemic will be worse than the last

Two cases of avian influenza were recently reported from China in a man and a woman who were 1.5 km apart. Before that, Cambodia was informed of two cases, one of which ended in death. What will the next pandemic look like and what can be done to stop it? This question was asked by … Read more

Stations from the life of Wadih Wassouf in “The Text of My Life”

Our readers are Instagram users You can now follow the latest news for free through our Instagram accountClick here to subscribe Elaf: The artist, George Wassouf, released a song entitled “Nass Omri” on the 40th anniversary of the death of his son Wadih, through his official YouTube channel and TV channels, under the direction of … Read more

RBI Global Hackathon: RBI announces 2nd global hackathon

The Reserve Bank on Tuesday announced its second global hackathon — ‘HARBINGER 2023 – Innovation for Transformation’ with the theme ‘Inclusive Digital Services’. Fintechs have been invited to develop solutions that have the potential to make digital financial services accessible to the differently-abled, facilitate efficient compliance, extend the reach of Central Bank Digital Currencies and … Read more

George Wassouf to his son Wadih: I said I will pay half of my life, but I will live with you for a while

The Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, presented the special song that he dedicated to his son Wadih, in conjunction with the fortieth anniversary of his death. And the song, which Al-Wasouf put out on his YouTube channel, dreamed of the name “Hass Al-Omri,” and the beginning of it says: “I said I pay half my … Read more

The latest appearance of “George Wassouf” with Turki Al-Sheikh • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The head of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, published a video clip of his reception of the Syrian artist, George Wassouf. Al-Sheikh attached the video to a comment in which he said: “With Abu Wadih al-Ghali,” without providing any additional details. Al-Sheikh also published pictures with the Syrian artist and a song for … Read more