“The Crow” Zhang Yaoyang disappeared from the showbiz for many years and the video of singing with white hair came out-Entertainment-China Times News

Hong Kong actor Zhang Yaoyang has tough facial features, and his tendons give people the impression of being strong and mighty. In his early years, he filmed many Hong Kong movies “Dragon and Tiger”, “Prison”, “School”, “Play Back to School” and so on. The most famous one is He played the villain “Crow” in “Young … Read more

Remember the “sun baby” from the Teletubbies? She “smiles and zooms in” as an adult and becomes like this… New recent exposure | International | CTWANT

The British super classic children’s program “Teletubbies” is believed to be the childhood memory of many people. Except for the 4 different-colored Teletubbies such as Tintin, Lala, Xiaobo, and Dixie, many viewers must still remember them. Except for these four main characters In addition, there will be a “Sun Baby” who always smiles. According to … Read more

Ruhua disappeared from the entertainment industry for 15 years… “Despised by his family”, the bitter past exposed him to reveal his current situation: it was even more difficult | Entertainment | CTWANT

Yang Zixian, a candidate for the Changhua County Council, met by chance. (Photo/Photo taken from Yang Zixian’s Facebook) Actress Lin Yahui became an instant hit in 2003 when she acted as an ugly person in the “Laugh at the first sight of you” in the TV variety show “Variety Show Loves the Constitution”. In 2007, … Read more

“Little Dragon Girl” was cut off from financial aid… The recent situation of “queuing in the street to receive a love meal” revealed that he was shocked: like a homeless | Entertainment | CTWANT

The superstar Jackie Chan confessed to his extramarital affair in 1999 with the phrase “I made a mistake that men all over the world will make.” However, after many years, he still refused to recognize Wu Zhuolin, the “little dragon girl” born to Wu Qili. When Wu Zhuolin grew up, it was reported that he … Read more

“Walking with a cane” “Walking on Crutches” “Scared Step by Step” Kangxi Emperor Liu Songren Han appeared…Recent exposure | Entertainment | CTWANT

The 72-year-old Hong Kong star Liu Songren once played “Emperor Kangxi” in “Startling Step by Step”. In January 2020, he was caught by the media as weak and weak and had to walk with crutches, so rumors of a stroke were rumored, but he has never come forward to confirm or confirm. deny. After a … Read more

Hit and killed a female college student 11 years ago… He shouted “My dad is Li Gang” and became the public enemy of the whole people.

11 years ago, he hit and killed a female college student. He shouted “My father is Li Gang” and became a public enemy of the whole people. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo) A car accident occurred 11 years ago at the new campus of Hebei University in mainland China. The victims, Chen Xiaofeng and Zhang … Read more