“Little Dragon Girl” was cut off from financial aid… The recent situation of “queuing in the street to receive a love meal” revealed that he was shocked: like a homeless | Entertainment | CTWANT

The superstar Jackie Chan confessed to his extramarital affair in 1999 with the phrase “I made a mistake that men all over the world will make.” However, after many years, he still refused to recognize Wu Zhuolin, the “little dragon girl” born to Wu Qili. When Wu Zhuolin grew up, it was reported that he often quarreled with his mother. In recent years, he even announced that he had come out of the closet and married his girlfriend Andi in Canada. Recently, he was photographed queuing up on the streets of Toronto to receive free food. The whole body was obviously thin and looked a little haggard.

It is understood that Wu Qili previously posted on Weibo accusing the foreign daughter-in-law, “Thank you for teaching my children to ask the teacher to refund their tuition fees, not to study and enjoy life, to teach children that as long as you make others feel sorry for us, they will sympathize, thank you for coming to my house Take all my things and sell them. After five years, I still look like a superstar. I am afraid of being recognized. she”.

Ng Qili was photographed queuing up on the streets of Toronto to receive free food. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

Wu Qili mentioned, “I asked the police to drive the foreigner back to Canada. The child wanted to follow her out of love, but I couldn’t help it. The 35-year-old blamed other parents for not subsidizing her living expenses, so she was sad that she couldn’t work because she was sick. The 23-year-old child takes responsibility, because everyone knows who I am, and they called me in the middle of the night to ask why I was still alive? I only learned today that love is like this.” The mother-daughter relationship seems to be irreversible.

Netizens shared photos on Weibo a few days ago, revealing that they met Wu Zhuolin by chance in Toronto. The other party was wearing simple clothes and his shoes were a little worn. He was lining up with other people, waiting to receive free food. His listless appearance made him sigh, Wu Zhuolin is obviously a star The second generation, the parents did not lend a helping hand, and lived a poor life, which was distressing. However, most people believe that Wu Zhuolin is an adult and should be responsible for his own life.

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