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Hong Kong actor Zhang Yaoyang has tough facial features, and his tendons give people the impression of being strong and mighty. In his early years, he filmed many Hong Kong movies “Dragon and Tiger”, “Prison”, “School”, “Play Back to School” and so on. The most famous one is He played the villain “Crow” in “Young and Dangerous 3: One Hand Covers the Sky”. Later, he gradually faded out of the entertainment industry and turned to business. Recently, his private videos have been leaked, and his white hair looks quite different from before.

Some netizens posted Zhang Yaoyang’s recent situation on Weibo. In the video, many people danced and sang in a luxuriously decorated room. Zhang Yaoyang and Hong Kong actor Yuen Zhaoxiang sang Lin Zixiang’s classic song “Genghis Khan”. Zhang Yaoyang was wearing a black high-necked bodysuit and Narrow trousers, with black leather shoes, his body is still strong, but his hair is all white, his face is ruddy, he seems to have drunk a little wine, with a cigar between his fingers, he looks like a gangster boss.

59-year-old “Crow” Zhang Yaoyang’s recent situation has been exposed. (Picture/Weibo)

Some sharp-eyed netizens recognized many famous Hong Kong actors in the film, including Zeng Zhiwei, He Qinan, Zhuang Simin, Wu Qihua and others attended. After the film was exposed, netizens left messages: “In my impression, Zhang Yaoyang still looks young and energetic. Old!”, “Brother Yaoyang’s hair is so white”, “But he’s stronger, that arm”, “Brother Crow’s figure is still so good! His white hair is too stylish”, “Brother Yaoyang’s hair is all white It’s done like this.”

Zhang Yaoyang used to shoot more action movies, with a lot of fighting scenes, which caused his spine to be overworked and caused intervertebral discs to detach. The pain and suffering made him have suicidal thoughts. In order to recuperate, he almost faded out of the screen. Later, he moved to Macau and partnered with his friends by chance. He opened a casino, and quietly appeared at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the opening. He still made money without filming. When asked whether he would continue filming in the future, he said modestly: “I don’t rule out this opportunity. No one should think of me. I haven’t filmed for a long time. .”

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