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The British super classic children’s program “Teletubbies” is believed to be the childhood memory of many people. Except for the 4 different-colored Teletubbies such as Tintin, Lala, Xiaobo, and Dixie, many viewers must still remember them. Except for these four main characters In addition, there will be a “Sun Baby” who always smiles. According to foreign media reports, the first generation of “Sun Baby” Jess (Jess Smith) has grown up. A few days ago, she took a photo with the new Sun Baby. She was once misunderstood as taking a “mother and daughter” photo. The most recent situation of the people has also been dug up now.

Jessie, the “sun baby” in the Teletubbies, has the same smile when she grows up, as she did when she was a child. (Picture / flip from Instagram)

Looking back at the quite classic baby program “Teletubbies”, it has been on the air for 25 years. The first-generation sun baby Jessie (Jess Smith) has already been out of social work. She revealed in an interview with the “Daily Star” that she is now a security guard in Medway, Kent, England. The company is responsible for the administrative work related to process management. When she took a photo with the 2019 version of Sun Baby before, she was once misrepresented that she was married and had children. However, she admitted that before entering into a family with her boyfriend, she wanted to fulfill her dream of traveling around the world first.

According to the “Daily Star” report, “Sun Baby” Jessie shared how she was excavated and made her debut. She mentioned that shortly after she was born, she happened to be photographed by the producer of “Teletubbies” when she was taken to the hospital by her parents for a health checkup and weighed. Over the years, he played the role of “Sun Baby” who always had a smile on his face.

Jessie, the
Jessie, the “Sun Baby” in the Teletubbies, took a photo with the new version of “Sun Baby” a few years ago. (Picture / Reposted from Twitter, Instagram)

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