Doctors hid it from you.. so you don’t get hemorrhoids.. don’t do this dangerous habit in the bathroom

There is a very dangerous habit that you are likely to do while you are inside the toilet, as it has many severe health risks, which threaten them with hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding, and British Dr. Stephanie Taylor, a health and well-being expert, warned greatly against sitting for a long time on a seat. The toilet, as the average person spends the equivalent of 3 and a half hours on the toilet per week, and this may not be appropriate and beneficial to your health at all. Additional pressure on the veins in the lower rectum, and this can eventually lead to hemorrhoids, which can be very uncomfortable and lead to bleeding in the rectal organ.

Symptoms associated with hemorrhoids

Taylor also added that it is possible to recognize the symptoms of hemorrhoids by the presence of symptoms such as light-colored red blood on toilet paper after wiping or that they are present on the toilet, and a feeling of irritation in the anus, and this is another symptom, and she also indicated the emergence of another sign. She said that the feeling of discomfort in the case of passing the stool or that there is a mass of skin rushing through the anus, which is internal hemorrhoids.

How to avoid hemorrhoids

You can spend a little time inside the bathroom, and Taylor also advises not to sit on the toilet for a long time every time you enter, and instead of this thing, you can sit only as long as you feel the need to remove waste from your body, and in the event that nothing happened, do immediately and do something else.

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